Petra sent around this cool video of a dog escaping...


Bec's sent around some amusing pics of how the credit crunch will affect Britian


Here's another email that was forwarded to my by my Mum. It's from our dog Rosie to my Auntie Fay's dog Poddy:

Hi Poddy,

Just a note to tell you that I am” A STAR”. Last week Emma, Mum, Tyla and me, took 2 of the miniature horses to visit the old folks home in Matamata. Tyla put my special Hollywood collar on (the one with sparkling diamonds that is worth a million dollars. I know this cos dad had a fit when he saw me wearing it after a shopping trip with the girls to town. “How much did that thing cost?” he asked. “Oh, just a million dollars” said mum, with a funny look at Emma.) So that’s how I know it’s worth a packet. Anyhow, here I was with my sparkly collar, looking a million dollars, and mum gives Tyla instructions. “Don’t let her lead go, don’t let her hop onto an old persons knee and don’t let her pee on anything”. I ASK YOU, was that really necessary? The visit was a roaring success. They loved me – oh, they loved the horses too. Emma just walked them up the ramp onto the deck and walked around letting the old folks pat the horses. They were all smiling and happy and, according to all the oldies, I was a perfect angel, a lovely little doggie, a real sweetie, gorgeous, a little love and it was truly amazing how many of them had had a dog just like me. Tyla was great too, she would stand and stroke their knees with her little hand and talk to them while they stoked me. Emma took the horses inside (Tyla and me went too of course) into the lounge and down the corridors and we visited lots of old folks lying in their beds – AND, I didn’t try to hop up onto any bed or anything. I walked on my tippy toes, which seemed to make mum smile a lot, and Tyla told me I was “ever such a good girl” about a trillion times. The horses were perfectly behaved too, which amazed me cos normally they chase me in their paddock, but they even let me share pats from the old people, especially when I stood on my hind legs and pushed their faces away with my head so I could get pats. This seemed to make everyone laugh so I did it lots. The horses did nothing wrong, they just stood there looking pretty. One old lady was 102 – imagine that Poddy, how many dog biscuits she must have eaten in her long life. She loved me and the horses, said she had horses when she was little, and a little dog like me. Emma took the horses into an old lady who was disturbed and hadn’t ever smiled or talked, only shouted angrily, for years and years. She knelt down and talked to the old lady and the old lady smiled and patted the horses and talked to Emma for ages. So mum sent me and Tyla into the room and she patted me and smiled at Tyla and said we were pretty – (she obviously wasn’t THAT disturbed – 20/20 vision and 250 IQ if you ask me). The nurse ladies were amazed and asked Emma to come again soon. Well Podman, I only nearly slipped up once, and that was when we walked past the kitchen and they were cooking lunch. My nose followed the smell into the kitchen, but Tyla quickly yanked on the lead and hauled me out of there, and Mum gave me THE LOOK, so all in all, the visit was a great success. When we were leaving the head lady said “Rosie, you’re a STAR” and patted me. Yea!

Must away and polish my bling collar. Luv Rosie

p.s. I didn’t pee once while I was there, but boy, did I spray the truck tyres when we got back to it.