My Mum sent me this email about my Majorca page (won't make much sense until you've seen it first):

Hi hon.  Just had a look at your Majorca photos.  Yes, I absolutely looooved your postcard.  I'm having great fun with it telling everyone proudly that it's a photo of my son!!  It's hard to keep a straight face sometimes at the look I get.  Anyhow, I believe in sharing a little joy around, so it's in my car on the dash now, so anyone walking past my car can get a good look also.

Tyla saw it one day and stared at it for ages.  Then she said "is this my daddy?"  Nope, I said, it's just a man keeping himself sunsafe.  "Oh, that's a good idea Mammma, I keep my hat on too, but I only got one hat". 

"Uhha, that's cos you've got olive skin and don't need two hats".  She thought for a while and then said "Uh ha, I've got liv skin haven't I?"

Yep, I said, it's good to have liv skin.  And that was the end of the conversation.  === Lucky escape for me, I thought.

Luv Mum 


Crazy sent around pics, titled "When it's OK to say s**t"

When I responded with "Damn, that's one of the funnier ones you've sent! Classic"

he responded with "Those poor little ducklings... :("

Ohhhhh! I'll give you a big ol' hug, crazy! Personally, I'd say "That poor freaken HORSE!" :-)