My Workmate, Lisa, sent me some cool pics, titled "Cloning Gone Wrong".

Here are 5 of my favourites, click any one of them to see all 24!


Shane sent this around:

Love it :-)


My workmate Mark sent me a link to the Astrological Magazine online. Pure class. Summarises my believes in Astrology quite perfectly.

I've saved a copy here, in case it changes.


My Boss sent me a cool set of pics of an A340-600 wreck with an amusing story behind it (for starters, it was never flown), no-one was killed (I checked):

I also got more cool pics from Crazy, showing a whipped up ocean north of Sydney, here's an example:


Crazy sent around an email showing "Entries for an art contest at the  Hirshorn  Modern  Art  Gallery  in DC, The  rule was that the artist could use only one sheet of  paper."

pretty damn cool!


My Cuzzy Brenda sent this trick in:

For anyone that wants to try, go to www.google.com type in  ' find chuck Norris'  , and hit Iím feeling lucky