Crazy sent in this link to a video of Bill Gates last day at the office.

Rather well done, quite funny, especially if you're a geek :-)


Andrew sent this around to a bunch of us guys, I thought I'd share:

My comment was:
Wow. Thatís going straight to the web site.
Stu's response was:
with a voting button so we can vote if we think Andrew is fat, we can use the results for Andrews obesity Intervention.
So here it is! Vote to see results:
Vovici Online Survey Software

Results are completely and totally scientific, accurate to a 2% error margin.

UPDATE: Andrew said:
oi hows it know i voted already im trying to again

Sorry, you aren't allowed to click "no" a thousand times in a row, Andrew ;-)


I've received a bunch of amusing updates to put in to your say. Well, most of them amusing. I found this one (I'm not saying who it was from) most offensive. I think it just reinforces incorrect stereotypes and spreads misunderstanding when I see pics of Muslim Pussy. Obviously when I saw that I tutted loudly and shook my head. I didn't giggle like a little school girl one bit.

Petra sent in this amusing PDF of Worst Album Covers ever. I have to agree.

Karin sent this amusing video titled "Manly Wang Dance". Probably best NOT to view this one at work as the title of the video represents the content ;-)

Cullen, Hannah, Sharon and Richard have spent some time together in Oz, having stacks of fun. FINALLY they sent me an email saying the following with the attached pic:

Bro, we were thinkn you should be on holiday with us the other day, so we thought of a way to make us feel a wee bit better and here is the result.
Enjoy bro....by the way Pinchy was the 'Ring-leader' in the operation so i give my full support to a beating of epic proportions.

It's great to know that my friends are thinking of me when I'm not there. The loving bunch that they are...