Ye, come on. This "Your Say" entry that I-a-make goes out to all my black brothas, I'll be back for more business, chyea, that's right. Peace.

OH MY GOD(S)! Sometimes you see something which just cracks you up, but then you realise it's actually done seriously. The most perfect example of this is this video that Crazy just sent me.

Crazy says in response to the video: "I physically think I will throw up all over my desk.. I'm not joking..."


Crazy just sent me a link to this video. I think it's a subtle hint to me as to what could happen if I push him too far... ;-)


My flatmate Meels sent me this pic, with a passionate plea to anyone who knows where this tube is to get in contact!


Petra sent in this freaken unbelievable pic of a space walk above New Zealand!

Incredible. Petra, now be honest, you didn't actually take the snap yourself now, did you?!
Originally from here.

Also, Shan sent this short vid around, which I've seen before but can't remember if I've ever posted. The village idiot.


Richard sent me this pic, with the subject of the email saying "If you laugh you are such a bad person!"


It's baby freaken overload at the moment on freakenSweet.com for some reason! I'm beginning to think it's a sign that I need to settle down and spit out kids myself!

Here's a couple of snaps from Sheldon, showing his new bub:

And the lovely Debbie with Adam as well:


Karin sent in these pics from her place in Wellington, NZ (what a view to wake up to!):

Wow, I was impressed by my bro's stop motion vid, but I just came across this creation, unbelievable! Phil, can you beat that?! :-)


Petra sent in an unreal video of Thai drivers, seriously, you won't be able to look away once ya start watching... hypnotic.


WOW! Shea just sent me a link to this snowboarding video. Gave me shivers just watching it! Not even I would have the balls to do that just yet...