As many of you already know; NOTHING good has EVER come, from doing, Tequila.

Thanks to Karin for sending me that support of my second philosophy in life.

My boss also sent me this link. Some loser selling his Picasso painting for $139 MILLION poked a hole in it while pointing out how cool it was. HAHAHAHAHAH, oh God, I wish I was there... Better break out some PVA glue and Scotch tape!


Ellie sent me a link to this site, which is pretty damn addictive!!! Dedicated to the upcoming snowboarding/skiing season, bring on the Three Vallees again!!! :-)


Crazy just sent me the single most geeky nerdy thing I think I've ever received in an email that I can remember. Seriously, if you find this amusing (Crazy, I hope you didn't send this to me because you thought it was hilarious) then you need help:

And if you didn't understand what the hell that picture was going on about, then just thank your lucky stars and carry on with your life as normal. Trust me, ignorance is bliss.

On another more actually humorous topic, Stu F. sent me this "Scott's haka" video.


Check out this short video of a hamster wheel gone wrong. I'm not sure why I find it so damn funny... small things amuse small minds I guess!


Cuzzy Tania sent in this classic pic: