Shan sent me this link to a stuff article about the International Space Station snapping its 250,000th image of Earth, which just happened to be Banks Peninsula (Christchurch, New Zealand)!


Weird Al Yankovic released a new song on his MySpace account...


My Uncle Lee in NZ texted me this joke, which brightened my morning commute:

Two old ladies were sitting in a cafe when 1 asks the other, "did you come on the bus"?
She replied "yes, but I made it look like an asthma attack..."

Ahh, classic Uncle Lee jokes never let me down :-)


Kate sent in this new site for planning your next holiday. I'm off to Ibeefa!

The Rugby season is almost upon us, and Jason has handily sent me an official International Rugby Board Press release about the pre-game haka:


Well, I was away at Ray's wedding last weekend which was AWESOME despite all the rubbish that went on at Heathrow, with all the cancelled flights.

Crazy sent in this BBC News article about BA halting all flights from the UK:


As any of you gaming geeks will know out there, the Playstation 3 is due out SOMETIME, as well as Nintendo's "Wii" (pronounced wee). Both will be competing with XBox 360.

ANYWAY, Nintendo has produced this video, comparing the Playstation 3 and Wii, in true Apple advert style... Fantastic!


Ever craved buying an ISUZU Gemini? No, me neither UNTIL I SAW THIS AD!!! Then I still didn't want one but as my bro Phil said:

I have always hated all other car ads for some reason.  Now I know why... they are nothing like this ad!