My workmate sent me a link, featuring a new product called Toot-Tone. I couldn't help but laugh :-)


I love big decks myself, anyone who doesn't is just a liar!


Wow, I've heard that there's been a shiitload of snow falling in New Zealand recently and I'd have to say "yeah, looks like it" after checking out these pics of Desert Road that Ian forwarded on to me.


I think there will be a few happy snowboarders and skiers in NZ right now!


A poor dude trying to cancel an AOL account has started doing the rounds. Here is the audio recording of the conversation and here is the transcript (thanks to NBC). It is seriously amusing, but you really feel for the guy having to cancel, honestly, I would've lost it way more than he did!

If I was AOL, I would send him a free trial CD in the mail to say sorry...


This is just freaken AWESOME. If you can fly a plane, give it a go....


Pete sent in some snaps of football fans from around the world, enjoy!

I'm not gonna tell you if Pete has made out with any of them, but if he has, we all know which one... :-)


Jason sent in this lovely poem to start my Thursday off. Any Kiwi's/Australian's that have ever lived in London can appreciate the romance of this, I'm sure:

I saw you from across the crowded bar, You wore a VB hat and a t-shirt with a picture of a Holden car. Our eyes met, my head felt light, I thought it must have been the Snake Bite. It was love at the She Bu Walkie.

You sunk your pint of Fosters and came and said "G'day", "Your tits look ace in that top", I thought I heard you say. Then your friends dragged you off, out onto the dance floor, They cried, "Mate, its Acca Dacca!" You replied, "But mate, I think I'm gunna score!" It was love at the She Bu Walkie.

Weeks passed but the thought of you was stuck in my head, I got no sleep, but then I shared a house with 15 Aussies and 3 were in my bed. I paced around old London town, from Fulham to Clapham Common green, Until a little ray of hope appeared on the back page of a TNT magazine. It read; Where is my love from the She Bu Walkie? You were the hot blonde with the great tits", it went on, "We  shared a fleeting moment, you knocked me of my thongs, Meet me at the Reddie on Saturday in Acton Town, I'll be waiting at the bar, I'll be the one knocking those Snakies down.". It was my love from the She Bu Walkie!

So Saturday came around again, the Reddie was seriously chockas, You  were the spunkiest one there, you even had on your good moccies. We kissed and groped each other all night, then you asked "What are ya doin' later?" If you're interested, come with me, I' ve got a private room at The Generator." It was true love at the She Bu Walkie.

The next few months were a total blur, of adventure, of passion, of  love, A Contiki tour, the Busabout, romantic walks on Anzac cove. But we knew we were on borrowed time, our visas like a ticking clock, My thoughts began to turn to home, then one day, you produced a rock. You are my love from the She Bu Walkie" said you, down on one knee, "You're an ace chick with nice tits, but now you're more 'n  than that to me.You're the one, I swear it on my Lonely Planet, you've knocked me off my
perch. Make me the happiest Aussie in London, let's get hitched this Sunday at the Church!"

P.S. "She Bu" means Shepherds Bush... for all you FOBS.


My workmate sent me some snaps of when Graphic Artists get Bored, some cool artwork!


It looks like NZ is hooked on selling ANYTHING that becomes even remotely famous, like the handbag that Tana Umanga hit his team-mate with.

Karin has pointed out the latest load of bolllocks with the "streaker" who ran onto the field at the last All Blacks vs Ireland game selling her bikini to help pay her court costs. Seriously, love, you should look up the definition of the word streaker before using it to describe what you did... Better luck next time.


Ever wanted to see George Bush rap?


Shannon sent me this link to a right w@nker (well, according to the police)... poor guy! NZ cops sound as understanding as UK traffic wardens...


This is damn cool, if you can ride your motorbike across water (or even better, wanna try it out), please, let me know so I can video it...

Oh yeah, and this is the definition of what some people think America is like, I don't know where to start with this, either the fat red-neck going nuts or the all American size trucks he's selling. Parko, I think you'll enjoy that video more than anyone I can think of... Classic.