My brother Phil sent me a link to the first episode of Flight of the Conchords and it's pretty damn amusing! If you've got a spare half hour, you've gotta check it out!

Basically, it's a New Zealand band trying to make it big in NYC (which is where I'll be this weekend actually :-) )


Well, seeing as I'm off to good ol' NZ tonight for a couple of weeks, I thought I better post a NZ theme your say!

Here's a New Zealand phone s3x line that I probably won't be calling for satisfaction, but I know a few of you who would (sent around by Crazy):


Here is the next instalment In what has become a mini-series of email between our families dog (Rosie) and my Auntie Fay and Uncle Garry's dog (Poddy). I am fortunate enough to be CCed on these email...

Dear Poddy,

I have some rather worrying news. Tyla has now reached the "dressing up" part of her development. This, in itself, is not so worrying - rather normal for mini humans I am told. The worrying aspect of it is the fact that it appears mini humans transfer this phase of their development onto animals - in other words Poddy, go for a ride to work with Garry, or even fake a visit to the Vet next time Tyla visits - this is what is happening here on the estate. (But, for gods sake, don't under any circumstances, pretend you are ill - this unleashes a dreadful urge for mini humans to "be a doctor" shudder, shudder.) THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. Of course, I have been properly trained and I am a very experienced mini human toy, I know how to handle these fraught moments, but I do worry about you Poddy. You will have to have plenty of practice before Tyla visits you again. Get Fay to dress you up and make you stand still for hours of end while she drapes you with lots of different items and sticks things into you. This way you will be trained in the very intricate and complicated practice of "getting dressed up". It helps enormously if you can "GET IN YOUR ZONE" and just become a zombie.

NOW - I hate to panic you, but the next phase has already started - "Putting on makeup". Lipstick doesn't taste too bad, but the eye shadow makes me sneeze.

Hope all's well in your world - I'm just going with the flow this end.

Luv Rosie

And here is another pic Mum sent through showing Tyla dressing up with Rosie:


Damn, this video cracked my ass up!