Well, here's an explanation as to why Google links "failure" to George Bush! Thanks to my brother Phil.


Hmm, this IS interesting... I've tried the following with www.google.com, www.google.co.uk and www.google.co.nz and the same thing comes up!

Search for "failure" and click on "I'm feeling lucky"... Cheers Tania!

(cached version of what comes up in case it changes, oh, and I think it's interesting because the word failure doesn't appear anywhere on the page, so much for unbiased searching on Google?!)


Karin sent in this Telecom ad from New Zealand... Fantastic ;-)


My workmate sent me this clip of Charlie's Angels. I've found my new calling in life... I think I'm gonna hand in my notice at work...

I found this mothers day video to send back to him, I LOVE it! :-)


My Brother, Phil, sent me the following email about my commuting to work page:

Wow it only takes you 5 mins to get to work! that's pretty impressive.

Great video. Really brings it home to us non-Londoners how frigging much of your day is getting somewhere else. I can now see why iPods, PSPs and valium sell so well.

Cool, it had the effect on people back home that I wanted! :-)


I've also been in contact with "Backpacker X", who has a cool site here:


Check it out! He's done a fantastic amount of travelling.


Why did I think of Crazy when I saw this!?

...It's because Crazy's into war related stuff, that's why! (I'm such a mean baastard)


Karin sent me this video of a cleaver Tyre a while back... Yes, that's right, a cleaver tire...


Now this video about lamas is just fuuuunny! Cheers, Petra.


I just got the following email about the video I posted on 26/04/06:

Dear Son.

 Along with ”millions” of other viewers, I watched aghast as Steve Urwin had a very personal and private moment with his precious pet, dead, crocodile.  My throat constricted, a lump formed in it, I tried to hold back a sob that finally managed to escape and tears began to spill from my eyes. “ Oh my god, how horribly sad.” I sobbed, hysteria starting its slow but painful climb, up from my depths.  I tried so hard to control my emotions, but finally I had to let go, only to be stopped short, suddenly and harshly.  My eyes bulged, I leant forward and, in slow-motion, I pressed the PLAY button again.  This couldn’t be happening.  No, I heard wrong.  It’s a dreadful mistake, but, holding my breath I heard once again those fateful words from Steve’s tortured lips “I loved her like my wife”.    “You fucking w@nker” I shouted as I slammed my finger on the PLAY button again “You tosser, loving your bloody crocodile as much as your WIFE.  She must be absolutely gutted to think that millions as viewers all over the world think that shagging her is like shagging a fricken crocodile.  What a loser.  Now, every wife in the world is laughing their heads off at HER.   Is that guy for real.

So I played it again and laughed my bloody head off.

Thanks son for giving me a truly memorable and thoroughly enjoyable laugh.

Love Mum.

I love my Mum :-)


On the 25/08/05 in Dear Diary I posted this video on cats from Karin, where I said "I laughed my ass off" and yeah, it's damn funny. Karin has followed up with this video on dogs... just for equal animal opportunity!