Well, with such "serious content on my website" as my workmate put it with my Dear Diary entry (28/04/06) I feel it's only right to put up the joke she sent to me today! Honest Ads, rather amusing if you haven't seen them and still amusing if you have.


I've lost count of the number of people who haven't said to me "Tony PLEASE I really wanna see Steve Irwin CRY!!!"

Well, thanks to the wonders of my freaken sweet web site, you can see the pitiful tears of the crocodile hunter right here.


Karen sent me some Dilbert Manager Quotes... As I read Dilbert almost every day, I feel almost compelled to put them up!


Yay! Easter is nearly upon us! To celebrate, here is a wee Easter joke from Karin. She does say "This is a bit sad..." but I say "ha ha, classic":

Petra sent in this Easter joke which is *slightly* less sick than Karin's:

Petra is also selling a couple of her old phones if anyone is interested. You can choose between:

1. Almost new Nokia with Camera (4.1 mega pixels)
2. Older model Nokia with Camera and vibrating alert.

Continuing the "Your say" bonanza I have received today, my fabulous cuzzy Tania has sent in a couple of Harold's Planet jokes and says "It's like the people who drew these comic strips actually see what I do all day!! AMAZING!!!"

as well as this video, which is so freaken over the top American it's not funny...


Karin sent in this collection of 42 below Vodka ad's. True Kiwi style, I love the fine print at the bottom of them.


I was debating just how funny the following Easter Egg card was after I got it from Shan, but after Petra sent it to me as well, I guess I just HAVE to post it ;-)


My workmate (a female) sent me "Why women shouldn't sell cars":