Check it out! Robots doing sumo wrestling!

Even non-geeks can enjoy this...


Well, after my hassling of certain people about the Canterbury logo (see Dear Diary 10/03/06) I've been hassled by Petra, who thinks that the logo contains humming bird heads, not kiwis!

Fair enough.


Petra sent in a vid of how to protect your car if you live in Liverpool...


Check out this for a headline from www.stuff.co.nz:

'Black Cocks' pound flaccid Jamaicans

Journalism at its finest.


Holy freaken genetically enhanced score batman! Craig got 77.621 in Escapa! I challenge anyone to get even HALF that time!


Cool, I read about the start of the Simpsons being done with real people, but Petra was the first to provide me with a link! Cheers.


DAMN! Craig got 31.09 seconds in Escapa... I thought I would have to spend the rest of my working day trying to beat his score, but my on my VERY NEXT GO I managed to get 34.05 seconds! Stick that in your gum diseased mouth and smoke it, ya damn dentist! :-)


Petra sent in this news clipping of a "Former Marijuana Smuggler" in the Employment Wanted section...


Craig (from Korea) has just started a web site you can get to here. He has already posted a cool diving video as well as some other pics. His diving vid was done in Sipadan, same place Crazy and I just were! I've got some competition... ;-)


Lana sent me in this HIGHLY addictive game. My longest time is 29.967 seconds, let me know if you can beat that!!!!

James sent me the following email the other week:

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 12:24 PM
Subject: Just another day in Lewisham

What a beautiful neighbourhood I live in - I took this photo on my walk to Lewisham station this morning.

Here's the photo that was attached. Those of you who know London, will know that Lewisham isn't the most upper-class area...