Shea sent me a link to this Jackie Chan style video, very cool.


Well, here I was thinking about just how depressing it was gonna be spending Valentines day single and alone this year with no-one telling me how much they love me (except for Mum) when good ol' Petra sends me a valentines day card, from Africa no less!!!

Thank you so much, Petra, you really made my day (and I'm sure I can take Ian) :-)


It looks like Crazy J has found some of his old maths text books and has sent in examples of his work!

You get an A+ from me, Crazy.


Sharon sent in this pic from Google Earth, showing my parents castle!

Cheers Shaz!


I got this email today:

Hi Tony
I've just been look at your website (it's great) and I'm hoping we will be able to run one of your wide-angle shots of the Circle line pub crawl in TNT next week (the one taken in Westminster that shows the huge crowd)? We're running a story on the pub crawl and your picture would be a perfect way to illustrate how huge it has got. We would of course credit you and could put a link to your website (your video of it is excellent).
What do you reckon?
Ainsley Thomson | TNT Magazine | News Editor

She was talking about this pic and I said yeah sweet, so be on the look out in next weeks mag!