I rarely get anything from Katrina (who's incidentally heading to Oz very shortly) but she sent in this video of Donald Rumsfeld which is just fantastic :-)


Stu sent me an email, saying:

Went up to Golden Bay for a few days over the Xmas break, caught up with Hannah and Cullen up there, check out this cool beach photo:

Yeah, real freaken funny. Hannah, I'm sure it was you who wrote that in the sand, because I know someone like Cullen isn't smart enough to spell words like "is".


Karin sent in this photo of graffiti on the wall outside her work (she works in Wellington, NZ, so there's government buildings everywhere)

Now the person who wrote that is either a genius who has mastered the term "ironic" to a whole new level, or is a "greenie" who is as thick as the pig shiit on his trousers.

You all know which one I'm betting on.


Karin sent me in this song called "My Cubicle"... pretty good parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful".

I'm pretty darn happy not to be able to relate to that song for the past few years!



Check out this video of what happens to spiders when they are fed drugs and alcohol. Seriously, watch the whole thing...

Sent in by me :-)