My cuzzy, Tania, sent me in this, titled just plain wrong.


Mark sent me US Anti-Terrorism signs. It's done the rounds a while ago and when I first got it I just assumed it was some made up bullshiit. This time I checked out the site and yep, they really do use those logos!


Not that Kiwi's and Auzzies need another reason to come and live in the UK (pubs on every corner and cold grey weather during winter surely is enough), but just to top it all off you can get laid as well!


Everyone knows that David Hasselhoff is the coolest man on the planet and every man wants to be like him.

If you don't believe that statement, then this video will surely convince you!

Hmm... if only I had good ol' Dave's budget to make a music video of my own...


Karin sent me in some classic Durex ads...