Here are a few links that I regularly check out or think are GREAT! :-) - My parents have a castle! They built it and run it.  - The previous web site I had was a Microsoft one. I havenít updated that in years but it goes back in time and has some funny shiit on itÖ - My mate Karin's Blog - What it's like to be a woman in NZ! - Mel Flynn's travel site, met her in Egypt. - My mate Ian's page, he's a pretty talented artist and makes some crazy freaken movies

Heather's MySpace account - An absolutely lovely woman who I enjoy hanging out with (along with her mate Lana) whenever I get to NYC! - My mate Steve's page about a book he wrote. It's pretty bloody good too! Even has a couple of kiwi lines in there from me :-) - My Boss's son's web page, JP. - One heck of a traveller. Has some cool pics. - one damn funny guy, my original inspiration for creating a web site. - Again, one damn funny guy. An Internet legend with over a million visitors a month, like Maddox (above). - The greatest web site I found for watching videos of idiots hurt themselves. A daily read. - I read this when I'm extra bored at work. - If you don't already visit slashdot, then you probably don't want to. Geeks haven, along with - I've read this almost every day ever since I started work.