I've finally gotten around to uploading a wedding video of us "walking" down the isle and a video of our first dance!


OK, here's a BBC article about "Embedded Water", i.e. the actual amount of water that's needed to produce stuff.

E.g. a cup of tea requires 30 litres (to grow the tea, etc) and coffee 140 litres.

Now, PANIC, PANIC, PANIC because tea/coffee is often grown in poor countries, so it's presented that every cup of coffee drunk in the UK takes 30 litres of water away from developing countries, you BAAASTARDS!!!

What I don't understand, is how they compress 30 litres of water in to tea leafs... yeah, that's right, it's a load of shiit really, because the water doesn't actually LEAVE the country, it gets recycled in it.

Stupid journalism?


Yay! Spring! As Craig said:

Getting a real laugh from reading all the facebook posts by Londoners over the last 2 months when a bit of blue sky pops through the grey, or when a blossum appears.  A lot of it sounds like a homeless person whose just found a cigarette in the gutter.  Hope you guys have a decent summer this year!

And not to disappoint, here's some snaps I took on Sat at King George's Park (link to satellite view):


You know what's funny? Listening to a woman (several people away) who was as round as she was tall on a packed solid train, discussing LOUDLY on the phone that the doctor told her she was morbidly obese and if she keeps on eating she'll die. She then goes on to tell her friend that she didn't think she was THAT fat and promptly starts discussing dinner.


Wow, I hate to use terms like "EPIC FAIL!!! LOL!!!", but if I WAS to use such a term, it would be on this spam message that I just got. No, I don't often read spam, but for some odd reason I did for this one:

Congratulations - You have (Gefeliciteerd - U)

The MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMO TEAM is glad to announce that after a successful completion of the PROMO DRAWS held on the 24th March 2010,your e-mail address,attached to winning

numbers:(11) (80) (12)(96) (09) (43) won in the Tenth lottery category.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of 250,000,00 Pounds Sterling in cash credited to REF NO:MICRO-L/2009-END10.

All participants were selected through our Microsoft computer ballot system drawn from 167,000 Names,as part of our International  "E-MAIL" Promotion Program for our prominent MS-WORD users all over the world and for the continuous use of the internet. You are advised to contact the claims processor with the details below via his e-mail address :

NAME:  Ivan Nickerson

EMAIL: mrivannickerson4@yahoo.com.hk



1.Full Name:... 2.Address:... 3.Phone:... 4.Country:...




So, ignoring all the grammar and layout mistakes, not only has this fu*ktard mixed up Microsoft and LOTTO, awarding me 250k for my "continued use of Word and the Internet", but the email to claim my award is a Yahoo one!

Dear god... Feel free to reply to him to claim my prize...


Happy New Year everyone!

Holy craap! I just saw this picture of England, taken by Nasa's Terra Satellite yesterday:


Here's a link to the BBC article I got it from.

By the way, I recorded over 36,000 visits to my web site last year, almost 100 visits a day! My busiest month was Aug, with 3,535 visits. Thanks to all who checked my site out!