Wandering through Waterloo Station this morning I saw that they put a lovely Xmas tree up!

And who said Xmas was becoming too commercial?! I just love the star on top...


Overcrowding on trains in London is going to be reduced! They're rewriting the guidelines on the acceptable number of people allowed to stand before it's classified as "overcrowded". Changing it from 10 people standing per 100 seats to 30 per 100 seats.

Seriously, I'm not making this up.

On much better news, Dennis, Lindsey, Bridget and I went to see Dave Dobbyn the other night:

And we happened to bump in to Sam and Ngaire while we were there!

Dave was fantastic, double Fonzie thumbs up:

Of course we had exclusive back stage passes (pics done by my phone cam):

Dave, rockin' on:


Let me add that that was a spectacular beautiful site to see you guys come up underneath us, and ahh, wow, just ah, we got some great video of you doing the torva manoeuvre, and, ah, you look beautiful, beautiful site.

What's that I hear you say? "TONY! Why are you transcribing lines from your latest fettish videos?!"? Well, you're WRONG! I just transcribed the voiceover from the latest spaceshuttle dock with the IIS. Seriously, this guy should write down what he's gonna say BEFORE he opens his mouth to record what comes out of it in to the history books...

Clearing out my camera and thought I'd post a couple of pics I've taken recently, one from James's flat when a bunch of us went round there the other weekend and trashed it:

And one I took of the fireworks at Clapham Common a few weeks ago (taken through some trees):


First of all, well done Obama, don't f*ck it up.

Secondly, there was an article in the Metro last Monday, was interesting enough for me to scan it and send it around at work (seeing as we're in the energy industry):

John, my boss, was so annoyed by one of the comments he sent in a response. Surprise, surprise, a well thought out reply by someone who knows what they're talking about got the star letter:

Personally, I think John's just trying to compete with me, ;-)