I finally found some time to create another video!

It's of us paragliding in Turkey.

Check it out here!


A bunch of us went out for dinner and drinks on Fri, here are a few pics I took!

Matt and Anne in the background watching Caroline and Crazy drink using straws. Unfortunately, Crazy forgot that he needed a straw, not that it stopped him from trying...

Dennis wet his pants in this pic and hoped that no one would notice. James is pretty happy that he's managed to almost get through a pint without wetting his, Lindsey is wondering if anyone can notice her 5 o'clock shadow, Bridget simply looks gorgeous while Richard shows matt just how long his, er, forearm is...

Here we all are at dinner!

Shan, Anne, Craig, Dennis, Lindsey, Crazy, Chris, James, Richard, Matt, me, Caroline and Mark:

The service at Chez Gerard was impeccable... well, once Dennis lent a hand:

Shan, Dennis and Richard spelling out CAS which is their new 'gang'. Trust me, you don't wanna be in it...


Bridget and I went mountain biking around Richmond park on the weekend and we came across this cool looking tree: