Check it out! Human Foozball! Saw it at a pub in Clapham common on Sun:


Amusing news story in the Metro this morning:

Basically, this fu*ktard committed a bunch of crimes and uploaded videos of himself doing it to youtube. Surprise, surprise the police used it to convict him. OK, he's freaken stupid.

What's more stupid than that you say? Oh, I think the SENTENCING! Instead of saying, "Look, you're a fu*ken little shit, go and sweep streets for the next two years and don't ever do it again or you'll get your ass thrown in jail with Bubba" (like the court of Tony would do), he was given an Asbo(Anti-Social Behaviour Order) banning him from posting any more of his clips, boasting about the crimes he commits for TWO YEARS.

Woop-de-freaken-do-da. That'll learn him.


Well holy freaken shiitballs batman, would someone please help me pick my jaw up off the ground.

Landmark research from Durham University confirms that:

"a good grade at A-level in chemistry, maths or physics is harder to achieve than a good grade in psychology or media studies."

In further groundbreaking research, it's found that things fall down if let go.