HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love shiit like this:

Gun T-shirt 'was a security risk'

A man wearing a T-shirt depicting a cartoon character holding a gun was stopped from boarding a flight by the security at Heathrow's Terminal 5

I mean, freaken heck, it's Optimus Prime! He's the good guy! I could understand if it was Megatron...

Seriously, I'd like to say "it's unbelievable that a guy wearing a Transformers T-shit can be classified as security risk", but it's the UK, so no, pretty standard shiit from retards in power.

Also, London city airport was closed when a bomb was found. You might say "well, bloody well fair enough!!!", but it was a World War 2 bomb, dug up out of the ground, 5KM away. Can someone seriously tell me how the fu<k that demands that an airport is shut down??? Seriously, I can't work it out!