I watched a bit of the Super Bowl, while eating "Shrimp and Grits" (no kidding, I ordered it when my boss pointed it out on the menu). The New York Giants won. After it was over they were yelling out "WE'RE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!".

No offence, but what non-Americans play American football against the Americans in the Super Bowl? Is there some token country that they let in, just so they can say "we're the best in the world" or what? If so, has there EVER been a final without two American teams in it?

Seriously, let me know if you know, I'm not trying to stir shiit here! E-mail me

Well, OK, perhaps I'm stirring a little bit of shiit, but I still don't know the answer!


Few people (unless you're a true geek or live in Boston) will probably get the significance of the date 31st Jan 2007 (that date's written in a way that everyone in the world can understand), but if you do, you'll probably find this EXTRA amusing like myself:

I got that image from this site