I went to see Linkin Park last Sat with Crazy and James and they were pretty sweet! Here's a few snaps I took on my phone.

Before they came out:

And some snaps during the concert:

While I was going through the snaps on my phone, I also came across these:

Stef, Chris, me, Matt and James, looking particularly tanked:

Matt and I (really don't know what prompted this face pulling):



Ohh, my first Dear Diary posting of 2008! Happy new year then!

Wish I could start the new year off with some GOOD news, but I'm afraid I'm using this posting for a moan.

Terrorists, I'm sick of your shiit now, you've finally stepped over THE line, and that line would be MY line. Not that I've ever condoned your crazy craap, but you haven't really affected me that much (minus you all fu<king up airport security for me).

The straw that has broken the camel's back happened this morning while I was reading my Metro on the way to work. If you're not aware, the usual nut jobs have boarded a whaling boat which always makes for entertaining reading, well has always done so in the past. But all this terrorist media storm craap has DESTROYED what could've been a damn funny article!

Here's the shiit I had to read this morning:

WTF?! The Greenies are calling the whalers terrorists and the whalers are calling the Greenies terrorists!!! WHERE THE HELL IS THE IMAGINATION!!!

Here's what I expected/wanted to read to make my day:

A bunch of Green activists were still locked up on board a Japanese ship yesterday, as whalers and protesters accused each other of being a pack of waankers.
Whaling has been stopped while Australian Benjamin Potts and Briton Giles Lane, who were held after boarding the vessel on Tues, remained on board the Japanese Fisheries Agency said.
The whalers, working in the Southern Ocean said they would release the men only if they promised to stopped smoking so much weed, which was causing them to pilot their ship in such a wild fashion that they kept on smacking in to the side of their whaling ship.
But Paul Watson, captain of protest vessel Steve Irwin rejected the terms. "Those fu*ktard whalers have been cooking up some damn fine feeds and wafting the smell towards us on PURPOSE! Of course we're gonna come over as ask for some bacon and eggs, I mean VEGAN bacon and eggs. That's the hallmark of being a pack of waankers".
A letter from Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research called the anti-whaling activists "a bunch of pot-smoking hippie wankers" for illegally boarding a ship on the high seas in what could be seen as an act of "pricks".

But no, all I got to read was "You're a bunch of TERRORISTS", "No, YOU'RE a bunch of terrorists". Whoop-de-freaken-shiit.

If you're a terrorist and you're reading this, I'm sure even you'll have to agree to cut out all your bullshiit now.