Still having a superb time in Thailand. Went diving yesterday which was excellent, saw a shark too which was pretty cool.

Here's me with some clown fish in the foreground:

Above the water was just as stunning:


Merry Christmas again!

Andrew and I are having a damn sweet time in Thailand. Have spent Christmas day swimming, reading and relaxing with an awesome Thai massage on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand:

We went to the full moon party last night and had an incredible time. Thousands of people, all off their face on a variety of stuff having the time of their lives like us. If you haven't been to a full moon party, you really should go, the whole beach is packed with thousands of people, here's just a tiny segment:

Right, off for Xmas Dinner now! Nice Thai Curry is calling me...


Merry Christmas you lot!

I'm off to Thailand tomorrow until the 7th (coming back via a couple of days in Shanghai) with Andrew (who's apparently fat according to the survey opposite, muah ha ha ;-) ). James is gonna join us after Christmas. I plan on a lot of relaxing and diving. I'm sure there will be a couple of dodgy pics to post as well...

Just wanted to say thanks to all who have visited my web site and follow it. Been averaging about 1,900 visits per month and my 22 videos on youtube have had almost 30,000 views. Great seeing the stats!

Anyway, I'll be working on a "Foo Fighters" and a "One goes mad in Norwich whilst six watch" page, which will complement my brand new Richard's Intervention video which I'm linking to right now as a Christmas present to you all (no clips are repeated).

Have fun over the holidays and keep safe!



Today the Fire Alarm Tester guy turned up as usual (comes every week). He tested the fire alarm twice because he won't be here next week due to Christmas.

Seriously, I'm not making this up! He actually told us that he was going to test it twice before he did it.

Riiiiiiing, pause for 30 seconds, Riiiiiiiing.

At least you know he does things by the book...


Ahh, Xmas fast approaching, good will to All Men and all that!

I was in Canary Wharf last Thurs and saw that they had put Xmas Trees all over the place, making it look nice:

As I was wandering past them all, I couldn't help but notice that they seemed to all have a little sign. I thought I'd have a closer look, expecting "Merry Xmas" or a more PC "Happy Holidays" or some such stuff.

Not even I was expecting this:

Classy. Thanks for the heads up, Mr Nanny State.


My work's going away for a weekend earlyish next year and we're thinking of things to do.

I suggested that we try this... no-one said yes, boo!

I'm pretty sure if they said no to the above, none of my workmates would be keen to try this either...


Phew! Despite the lack of updates to my site, I've been rather flat out now that the silly season is in full swing. I've got pics of Foo Fighters, Xmas Party and Crowded house to put up when I get a chance. Till then here are a few random pics.

One of Craig who has come back to the UK for a couple of weeks, mainly to see me, but also because Led Zep is playing (today actually), which Craig is going to. Welcome back Craig:

A bunch of us guys also went paintballing the other weekend. Chris took one of the nastier shots that I saw:

I've also managed to get out for lunch in London, caught up with Stu and on our way back to work, we saw this. One up for the environment, Ten down for being cool:

And I've also managed to make it out to "Da Hood" to see James and check out his new pad in New Cross Gate. Caught up over dinner, but decided not to go to this place:

Right, that's all I've got time for right now. Lets see if I can get a few more page updates...