I went to visit a client a while back (I just found the following pic on my phone which reminded me):

I don't know what they did in the past to come up with their "rules", but either way, I felt really, REALLY safe while I was there.

Speaking of safety, the "fire alarm tester person" (that is their official name as far as I'm concerned) came to test the fire alarms at work today. He told us that because he is away next week (on holiday or whatever), that he would be testing the alarm TWICE today (seriously, I'm not making this up, I swear to whatever God(s) you believe in). Sure enough:
riiiiiiiing - 10 second gap - riiiiiiiing.

I feel a lot safer now.


Well, I think it's high time that I plaster some more pics of my Niece Tyla on my web site!

We've got this cat called Scooter, which Tyla calls Tooty. He's a real rabbit and bird hunter and can quite happily slash your arm open if he's miffed with you without much of a second thought. He adores Tyla however and Tyla thought that he looked too dirty after a recent hunt, so she washed him! Mum says:

There's one little spot she missed, and boy, did she make sure he was saturated.

I've never, in all my life, seen a cat so wet, voluntarily.  He was still asking for more when she gave up and went inside.

He also quite happily puts up with going for rides with Tyla:

Tyla recently went to her first (memorable) Santa parade. Below are the comments to each photo that my Mum wrote:

Her first sight of a Santa parade.  The first float appears.  The face says it all.

She is so mesmerized by it all that she just keeps waving and yelling "hullo"

THERE'S SANTA. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyla with the Xmas fairy and iceblock (Tyla is on the left):

My sister Emma has got a new miniature horse and foal. Having Tyla beside it really shows just how tiny the thing is:


Although Crazy and I have just come back from Jamaica (last Wed), it's gonna take some time to put that page and vid together, so I'm putting up pics from this weekend first!

Also, here are a couple of snaps of Stef and Zara I took just before going around to the Xmas party: