Wow, this ski trip is turning out to be fan-freaken-tastic! I've done some of the best powder runs I've ever done in my life, Nic and Dennis BOTH have broken bones, Nic in her wrist from falling over and Dennis found out he has a cracked rib (not from snowboarding!) and someone very crazy has turned out to be irresistible to at least one young lady!!! Not even half way through the holiday yet either... Happy new year!


Well, I'm off to go snowboarding in Austria for Xmas and New Years, so you'll have to wait until the new year before I get to update this site again *gasp*. I'm going with a crazy bunch (i.e. Dennis and his gang) so there are bound to be stories to be told on my return... hopefully not too many about nun-chuck wielding Frenchmen like previous years...

I wanna wish you all a very Merry Xmas and happy new year, remember to keep safe by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Only a fool, breaks the no tequila rule, and

  2. ask yourself during the evening "Would Tony have drunk this much?", if the answer is "why yes, yes he would've" then pat yourself on the back and ask for immediate emergency medical treatment.

See ya next year!


Man oh man, I just love reading news articles like the following:

Apparently, this cop is doing such a great job of arresting people on a dodgy street, he's been banned patrolling it now. Priceless English Political Correctness.

In other news, I got on a packed train this morning which was so full that my arm grasping my prized metro (where I scanned the article above from) got trapped behind me between a couple of people. Letting go of the metro and saving my arm from being snapped off is equivalent to letting go of a bag of orphaned kittens over a cliff; a horrible prospect for most. I managed to turn my head to see the situation I was in and my arm had been snared between the breasts of some chick whose chest was basically embedded in the back of this other guy. Instead of snarling and yanking it out making "tisk tisk" noises as I or anyone else would normally do during rush hour, I started laughing, which caused her to laugh as well (I blame it on the Xmas spirit). The faces on the other commuters was classic, I swear I would've got the same reaction if I yelled out "BOMB" or squatted on the floor and relieved myself of last nights curry. Laughing on your commute during rush hour is a forbidden and unspoken rule, on the same level as striking up a conversation with someone. But to hell with societies norms I say, reach out and thrust your hand between a ladies boobs and laugh on your way home this evening, embrace the Xmas spirit!!!


Well, I WAS going to have a flashback page, but had another spark of inspiration last night and thought of another timely Tribute!


*Groan*, I haven't been able to update my site because I've been having far too much fun over the past week and I'm finally paying for it. I've managed to get outa bed today after doing the following yesterday, last night and this morning:

a) freezing my ass off,

b) sweating my ass off,

c) all of the above.

Sucks. Anyway, after hallucinating in my bed and having an flash of inspiration I've decided what my page this week is gonna be, not what I've been doing over the past few days (because it would just be another page of drunken photos) but a "flashback" page... Stay tuned.