I've been sifting through some of the 1,600+ songs on my iPod. Every few weeks I come across a song were I think "Yeah, that hits pretty close to home how I feel after all these years travelling". I mean it's not as though I have enough songs to choose from; Bic Runga, Crowded House, Dave Dobbyn, Finn Brother, Shihad, Split Enz, Stella, Supergroove, Exponents, Feelers, Zed, etc. They've all got genius.

Then, while I was coming back home tonight I found it. This is the song that hits the nail on the head as far as how I feel about living away from NZ all these years. It's my Xmas gift to all of you who are overseas and can't be with your family for Xmas.

And yes, I DO happen to be drunk, but I stand by what I say. I challenge ANY antipodean (that includes you Australians, as long as you substitute a couple of words... :-) ) to pick a better song ..

Have a very Merry Xmas and a very prosperous New Year everybody!


Yahoo! has a video search tool. It's pretty cool and yes, you can search for the first thing that springs to mind. Check out the second link (well worth the download), it's amazing what the web has to offer.


Well, if you're bored on the lead up to Xmas, are thinking about quitting your job and wanna find out how good your works email filter is for picking out dirty words while piissing off your IT department in the process, try emailing me the following sentences that I've turned into this pic (you won't get busted if you click the following):


My workmate was searching for those bags you can put stuff into, attach them to a vacuum cleaner and suck the air out of (to save storage space). He tried google and this is what he found, warning, don't look at this at work!!! There aren't any dirty pictures directly on that page, but your work might have that website blocked...


Some ladies have asked me in the past, who would be your perfect woman, Tony?

I've said the usual stuff, must have sense of humour, be intelligent, attractive, shag like there's no tomorrow, etc. Which is all true.

But I have finally worked out who my ultimate woman would be... a woman who could proudly wear a T-Shirt with the slogan:

"No means eat me out first"

That would kick ass.


You know you've been to a sweet house party and had a goooood night out when you manage to get to the tube before the last train and the Tube dude won't let you through because your daily pass expired yesterday... and you need several moments to work out how that's possible.

Also Great when you look back at the pics on your phone and see these guys, who you don't know, yet for some reason were the greatest people ever:

Also a bit worrying when you see this just before you get home and you find it really amusing:


Well, I was informed that "Formula 51" goes by the name "51st State" OUTSIDE America, kinda fu<ked up if you ask me. No wonder I haven't heard of that movie before. They pulled a California Man on me.

I'm back off to Merry ol' England today, I was going back with 2 iPods, 3 cameras and 2 sets of headphones (not counting my camera, iPod and headphones). Fortunately I've now employed couriers and Neale had taken back half the swag already. SCREW YOU CUSTOMS!!!! Bah, ha ha ha. Also got myself a new jacket and fleece for when I go to Russia on the 18th for Xmas and New Years, should keep me warm when it hits -30C. Check out just how shiit the US dollar is right now (and here was me thinking that Bush getting re-elected was going to be a bad thing)!

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