Damn, I forgot my phone today and does that feel weird or what! Like going commando you know that something's missing but you don't have the same feeling of freedom.

Also, last Sat I had my 10,000th visitor to my site this month, first time I've broken that record. If you visited my site on the 26th then send me an email to claim your prize!!! A big sloppy kiss. The biggest draw card is from people searching for "playboy" in Google images and seeing Stef. Believe it or not.


Ok, strange and surreal shiit seems to happen to me from time to time, here's another very good example:

I got on the train at Waterloo to go home to Putney. I sat down, finished watching the Seinfeld episode I was watching on my phone (yeah, I'm a geek) and when it finished settled down to some music listening. It was about then I noticed the chick sitting next to me, "Hmm" I thought, "She looks familiar". I pondered on where I might know her from for most of the rest of the trip home when I finally clicked, it went like this:

me: "Hey, you live in Putney, right?"

her: "yeah"

me: "upper Richmond road?"

her: "yeah"

me: "past the supermarket and wine store?"

her: "yeah"

me: "big old Victorian place, several stories?"

her: "yeah"

me: "on the right as you walk down the road?"

her: "YEAH!"

me: "ok, about 4 months ago you were looking for a flatmate, right?"

her: "yeah, I took the room"

me: "Ahh, ok, I checked that room out when I was looking, must have been you I met..."

*click* *grind* in my head

me: "hold on, did you just say that you were the person who took the room?"

her: "yeah, I moved in there"

me: "hmm... so I've never met you before then?"

*queue twilight zone music*

her: *pause* "I guess not..."

me: "where exactly is this place?"

her: "just past the bend in the road"

me: "ah, ha... ok, so that's past the place I looked at, so we're not even talking about the same flat"

*queue more freaky music*

her: "I guess not"

me: "oh, and where are you from?"

her: "New Zealand, Whangarei."

We got off the train and walked home yakking about other stuff. So get this: she was an attractive blonde from Whangarei who talked to me, NOW THAT'S SURREAL!!!


Dear God, Shane's stag do in Riga this weekend just gone was pretty freaken sweet. I've created my most, um, "rudest" video after consultation with the boys and you can look forward to it being posted in the next few days...

Also, here's the video of me doing the Haka on BBC1, my 5 seconds of television fame :-)


Well, continuing on the theme of me being famous, NZ News posted the letter I sent to them:

 They did cut out the bit explaining why backpacker co were acting like dicks (by initially not refunding money for tokens) and how NZ news should protect travellers (by not letting Wanders World advertise with them), but miss-quotes are all part of being a celebrity, I just take it all in my stride.


Well, I don't know if the Wanders World fiasco is real news or it's just a case of less suicide bombers are blowing themselves up lately to make some, but either way, I was on BBC 1 national news last night doing the haka! Someone videoed me and a few other guys doing the haka to Wanders World staff... seemed like a good idea at the time when we were drunk. Stef's got it videoed on sky+, I'll see if I can get it off somehow... Oh, and it's hit NZ as well with this article among many others, apparently a couple of guys took a Wanders World guys car keys on the day until he brought them tickets and he had a briefcase with a stack of cash in it! Waaaaaanker.


A large bunch of us went to Cardiff last Sat to watch the All Blacks play in the Millennium Stadium... well so we thought! As it turns out, the tour group we went with screwed up getting the tickets! Man, it was near riot conditions once the game had started and people couldn't get into the game, I can tell you.

I sent a letter off to TNT and NZ news, who both responded really nicely. Here's TNT's response and here's NZ News. NZ News were also good enough to post a front page article about it all, you can read it here!

I've seen the All Blacks many a time and been to the awesome Millennium Stadium too, but I felt really bad for the people who went because it was a birthday gift to them and those who laid out extra cash to stay in hotels the night before in Shepherds Bush (due to the early start).

Moral of the story, don't ever use "Wanders World" tour company.


YESSSSS, WE WON! I felt the presence of GOD HIMSELF look down from heaven above to watch the finals of Thursday nights Pimlico social grade 1's game on court #2. With out a doubt the closest, most full on game of Netball EVER!! I think both teams thought they had lost or drawn at the final whistle, but the look on Adele and Tania's face in the huddle around the ref's at the end of the game to find out the final score will be burnt into my mind for some time to come - eyes popping out on their stalks to hear that WE won 20 to 19. Unbelievable!

Tania, Stef, Meels, Robyn, Grant and Nic, we ROCK! It's been awesome playing with ya the past two seasons, we are "The Netball Team" and we deserved that win



THIS is what makes news in the UK:

I know a few people back home that would probably complain over stuff like this as well... not women as in this article though! Best part of the article are the movie titles: "Best Of Both Worlds, Freaky Extreme and Huge F***** Objects"..