Shiiiiit DAMN! I saw Formula 51!!!! Neale found it completely by chance when surfing through cable channels while we were recovering from night out. I haven't heard anything about the movie before and it has debuted in my top 10 best movies ever. Samuel L. Jackson, being himself and Robert Carlyle the funny b@stard.

If you ain't seen it yet, buy it, download it or steal it from someone. Enjoy!


Man, I think I've finally recovered from Thanksgiving! My boss invited Neale and I to his family's do. Basically it was what I'd call a movie-style full-on all the trimmings grade Thanksgiving which left me in a state of pain for several hours after eating all the meals and desserts, lying and sitting as still as possible so nothing extra would pop that hadn't already.

Neale and I also went out last night with Pat (boss's son!) for a night out on the lash with him and a bunch of his old high-school buddies. We crashed a year '99 reunion party that they heard about and we cut up the dance floor for most of the evening. Alllll good, might have to put up a pic or two up once I get the digital photos developed.


WHAT THE HELL DO YOU NEW ZEALANDERS THINK YOU ARE DOING?!?! God damn it, I said it was NOT considered quaint or cute to do mental stuff with your pets. ARGH! OK, for the record, when the police take your pickled snakes, LET THEM HAVE THEM, do NOT start throwing your pickled kittens at them. Here's the article.


Ok, I'm sitting on the Tube on my way to the airport last Thurs, pinched the nearest abandoned Metro (free newspaper) sitting next to me, and started laughing at the screwball in this article:

until I notice where she's bloody well from! Ok, I'd just like to tell everyone back home that when people read about New Zealanders breastfeeding pets, it's not considered "quaint" or "cute", basically we're all lumped into the "fu<ken FREAKS" pile, somewhat undoing the good that Lord of the Rings had on us.

I implore everyone of you in New Zealand reading this right now, to ring up your Momma and tell her "Look, it's not the 60's anymore, it's now no longer 'cool' to breast feed little Rover. STOP IT".

This has been a Master-Baker public service announcement.

P.S. Had another sweet time in New York, pics up later this week.


Wow, I just had an amazing experience, a faultless flight with no delays, no extra security checks, not one note from a screaming baby, no queues at either end, I was stat in economy plus (extra leg room) not next to any "fat, menstru@ting Polynesian woman" as a person I know once was (apparently the odour isn't that great and I think I'll have to upgrade my "R" rating on my web site now...)

Boy oh boy, I have a feeling I'm really gonna pay for such a sweet flight on the way back. I'm packing a tube of KY for the US security w@nkers right now...


Well, the one iPod I was going to bring back from US of A has now expanded to two iPods and a camera so far. Customs will love me if I get stopped

This weekend looks like it could be a ripper, going back to New York with Neale, so it's gonna be a case of "Hi boss, bye boss" on Friday when we turn up, as we will be leaving earlyish from work to catch the train and maximise our drinking time ;-). Current plans are to meet up with Heather and Lana (see New York, New York link) Friday night in Brooklyn and Rhian (a family friend) and her mates Sat night. I'll be strapping my camera to myself so I don't forget it, because if our last trip was anything to go by, I'll have some amusing pics to take this time ;-)


Groan. Made a dumb bet with Cullen Sunday a week ago. I stupidly said that I couldn't remember the last day I went without drinking and before you know it I was in a bet that I couldn't go 4 weeks without a drink. Ended up loosing in spectacular fashion Sat at the Cook in Acton... might have to post a couple of pics and vids this week. Did a lot better than last time I said I wasn't going to drink, only lasted 1 day then (and yes, I did actually turn down alcohol on that one day). Damn London and it's party atmosphere!!!

Recently found out that I'm going back to the States (DC) this Thursday with my workmate Neale, so I would've lost soon anyway. Oh well. Already have another iPod on order for a mate, last time I came back with 3.


I've got tickets to U2 for Mon 27th June 2005 (general admission) in Dublin. We have about a dozen people going already. Gonna be damn sweet seeing them again after checking them out in Paris a few years ago, they kicked ass.


Well, thought I'd add a bit of spice to my website, seeing as it's turning into an on-line snapshot of my life, I thought I'd start recording any misc stuff that happens to me like upcoming events such as parties, booze drinking, holidays, etc here (which you can probably invite yourself along to if it's open invite), so I can look back later in life to see what I've been up to. So stay tuned if you wanna catch up and I've been too lazy to send out an email, Dear Diary will probably be updated more regularly than other pages on my site!

Anyway, noteworthy news that's already happened is that my sister, Emma is getting married in summer 2006, and she is expecting a baby Feb 2005, which is making Mum want to jump around with joy, although she's just recovering from an operation at the moment, so she's jumping around on the inside!

Also, I've got my first official link to my web-site, it's from a mate of mine Steve, who's written a book! I've read it and I loved it, not just the usual drunken scribble that you'd expect most people I know to produce while at the pub one night. I've got a copy, if you wanna read it! Check out his site here. His picture isn't working at the moment, personally I think he should use this one!!!

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