A van is currently parked across the road from work:

Here's what it looks like with the van door open:

Classy, and fitting that it's from Essex.


Well, it's great that Inglewood (where I went to High School) has finally made it in to the news over here and no one had to be killed by religious fanatics or s3xually assaulted by the first 15! Yay!

How on earth did Inglewood make it in the news on the other side of the world you ask?! Has someone from Inglewood High become rich and famous? No. Has someone from Inglewood been nominated for a Nobel Peace Price or solved a vexing problem facing humanity? No.

Nope, Inglewood has made it in the news because, get this, women can't buy underwear anywhere in the town and a special bus service is gonna be set up so people can travel 30-40 mins to New Plymouth to buy some.

Here's the article in TNT magazine:

At least they're not worried about terrorists running around blowing stuff up!


Damn, what a weekend! Clay pigeon shooting Sat morning with Stef, Stu, Crazy and Neil. Caught up with my Uncle Lee, Auntie Betty and cuzzy Rochelle for the afternoon. Took a couple of pics of houses of parliament and Big Ben while I was sight seeing with them:

That night a bunch of us went out to Mish Mash and got, well, mashed. Stef ended up falling down stairs, Crazy got busted by the cops when his bladder became leaky down a side street and I made a complete arse out of myself in front of my flatmate...

Sun, after staying in bed till 2pm I caught up with Dennis and Shea at Dennis's new place (mental note, buy house) and that evening went to see B-Boy champs at Brixton Academy. Those Break-dancing guys are phenomenal!

Thank goodness it's Monday and back to work so I can relax.



As if I needed more proof as to why wind farms are just greenie-hippie-crappy-useless-waste-of-space-pollitical-rubbish-bollocks:

Summary: If you think wind farms are a good idea, you're wrong, so wrong that you deserve a good slapping and you have to buy me a beer for being so brainwashed.