Now THIS is a movie I really wanna see:

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Check out the trailer.

A bunch of us got together Sunday at the pub to check out Zara and have a general catch-up, here are a few snaps from Crazy's camera:

The boys in front, looking hard:

Adele and Anne cooing over Zara:

Adele and Anne STILL cooing over Zara (look out, Matt):

Adele and Zara:

Stef showing his new daughter how to do star jumps:


Here are a few snaps of little Zara Lily Poulus! Here is the Poulus family (Adele, Stef and Zara):

Me shaking hands and saying Gyday:

Having a big yawn from getting tired of hearing how gorgeous she is:

And her "Oi, uncle Tony, that flash is a bit bloody bright!" face:


Stef and Adele gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl today! 6 pound 7 ounce.

How freaken awesome is that!


What helps England be so great and why is the pound is so strong? Well, dear reader, it is because of the tireless efforts of the little people, the contractors in this great country that keep all the cogs well oiled and prevent anything falling over.

A prime example of their work was revealed to me today when an air conditioner inspector came around to check out our office air-con unit. This is what he found:

*Apparently* newly installed, brand new air conditioners AREN'T supposed to have large gaps covered by several layers of black tape which give way and let shiit from the room clog them up, but he was an antipodean, so what would he know!

OHH, and the fine example of why this country works so well was when I tried to catch a train this morning (from Stevenage of all places - don't ask). I brought an open return ticket the day before and when I tried to get past the ticket guard this morning he said "sorry, that ticket isn't valid for travel at this time (i.e. before 9am or whatever)". FU<K I though, gotta queue up and get another freaken one or pay the difference. Queued up, waited patiently, got to the counter, fluttered my eyelashes at the chick and asked nicely if I could pay the difference. She took 5 mins working out what the hell to do, pulling another guy away from the counter to help her (making the queue longer of course). Can you guess how much the difference was?! 20 freaken pence. Thanks for wasting everyone's time, assh0le ticket collector.


And the award for the most astoundingly retarded and ignorant comment to date goes to FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) chairman and Sony Pictures UK finance director - Brian Robertson - on this BBC news web page.

Basically, the article says that making film available for download as soon as they're released to cinemas would help prevent fans watching illegal copies. I agree with that, I'd be willing to pay up to 10 to download a movie (to keep) and watch it at home on the plasma with surround sound rather that put up with some white trash throwing popcorn at the screen while their partner talks on its cell phone. Because there is no such legal facility available, it's only natural that people will turn to pirate copies on the Internet because as the article rightly points out "pirate copies usually hit the streets or the internet within days, if not hours, of their first screenings." (sometimes BEFORE if someone gets hold of a screener).

Now for the classic dumbass quote from Brian Robertson, about the idea of "simultaneous download and cinema releases" which he calls an "interesting suggestion" (dah). He says:

"At the moment it's probably not technically possible, but in a few years, yes, I'm sure it will be possible and it's part of the whole economic model of film-making that will have to be looked at."

Well fu<k me with a cinder-block and call me lady Gertrude, you're saying that Joe Bloggs with a handy-cam can get your movie up on the Internet into the hands of millions of people but it's "probably not technically possible" right now according to you? Do you even know the freaken Internet exists?! Wake up and smell reality, dumbass.


Q) How do you know you're childish?

A) You giggle to yourself when you read that the Hubble Telescope found "a dark spot on Uranus"