I dare ANYONE to go out in public, wearing one of these... as long as you take a photo of the bruises you get when your geek ass gets beaten up...

...and speaking of geeks, did you know that APPARENTLY in the UK, more chicks now watch sci-fi than guys?!! Well, off to the Buffy conventions I go then.


I got some more pics of Tyla the other day that my Auntie Fay forwarded on to me, these two are my favourite:

mmm, damn, icecream :-)

I don't know what the heck Tyla has just spotted, here with Mum, but damn, it kicks ass...

...probably the cat throwing up on the carpet or something.

And a few more for your viewing pleasure:

Both my Mum and Auntie say that Tyla is the splitting image of me when I was that age and even Shannon told me that I look like her. I think it's just a nice way of saying that I look like a little girl...


I had to get up early yesterday to go to a geek conference in Reading at Microsoft's campus (as geeks do). Due to the fact that I had to get up at the unholy hour of 7am I managed to catch a sunrise out my legendary bedroom window. Seeing as I never miss an opportunity to use my new camera, I of course took a snap, which is a complete contrast to the one I took the other day (see 25/10/05 below):

Yesterday was actually really nice weather wise, reaching just over 20 degrees C. Huge write-ups in the paper today about the "heatwave" the UK experienced. Gotta love the English attitude towards their weather.


Ay up Govn'r! Absolutely bleedin' orrible weather outside today, not fit for 'orse nor rat if you ask me. Off to the pub for a pucker pint and pack of crisps to lift the spirits then (said in pathetic cockney accent)?

That was the view outside my bedroom window this morning at 7:50am towards the city. On the horizon you can faintly see the Gherkin, if you know what you're looking for. No, I haven't done anything to it in PaintShop, that's exactly how it looked, dark, miserable and 'orrible.


Man, jetlag sucks! I set my alarm for 8:30am after waking up at 2am and not getting back to sleep till 5am this morning. After it went off I lay back for 2 mins, got up went to the train station and the station clock said 10am! Must have fallen back to sleep for exactly an hour, why the f**k couldn't I have done that at 2am?!!


I'm back off to London today (arrive early Sat morning). I'm really looking forward to going through American security as usual.

"Sir, please take off your shoes, sir please take out your laptop, sir please take off your belt, OH MY GOD, SECURITY, HE HAS FINGERNAIL CLIPPERS!!!!!"

*one trip to the back room later*

"Um, gee sorry about that, won't happen again"

"OK sir, please carry on"

"what about all the sharpened pencils I'm carrying that I could use to thrust into peoples temples?"

"that's fine sir, please carry on"


WELL! I was going through some of the pics on my phone last night for some reason and I came across some from Charle's birthday that I didn't know I had!

Here's birthday boy himself (wearing Shannon's top, just before he spilt booze all over it):

Here's Shannon and Ian, showing their love for Stef:

And here's a beauty of Ian and I. I have no idea what we were doing at the time, but Ian seems to be quite surprised:

I know there were a bunch more pics taken that night, but that's all that got transferred to my phone. Probably for the best.


Damn, just when you think Crazy's sent you everything you could wanna see on the Internet, he pulls this out on your ass. Damn funny.


Ahh, back in the U S of A again. One of the good things about coming over every few months is that it makes the frequency of ads on American TV slightly more bearable in that you have a brand new batch of them every time. Most of them are amusing, especially during American Football games where they appear every few mins.

Crazy just sent me an ad which is the reason for this posting, can't say I've seen it on American TV (well, it's an Auzzie beer for starters) but it's certainly one of the better ads I've seen. Click here to watch it.


Well, well, well, traffic to my site has spiked again (about 200 people a day), thanks to STEF! If you search for the word "playboy" in google images you might find a pic of Stef such as this (at bottom)! Stef, you owe me...

I'm off to the States next week as well, for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to spending the weekend in NYC with Heather, Lana and Silver, as the chances of having a good time with them are pretty freaken high! By coincidence, Crazy just sent me a link to this video, God bless rural Americans.



The London underground has "Oyster Cards" (or "smart cards" as normal people would've named them), which contains a chip to tell scanners at each gate to let people in or not. You have to place ya card within a couple of inches of the scanner for about a second (keep them in ya wallet or wherever) to let their magic work.

This is all well and good until you get some git at rush hour (who always happens to be in front of me) rushing through the gate and taking the card away too quickly. Watching them slam into the gate is humorous, but that's quickly subdued by a) delaying me and b) watching these idiots try again. You'd think that if they screw up, they'd at least be bright enough to simply place their card on the damn reader and wait until it opens properly, but nooooooo, for some reason these people put their card on the reader and feverishly rub the crap out of the sensor with it at 100mph, or wave it about the sensor like they've just seen the freaken Queen Mum or something!!! I mean what gives people?! How do your freaken brains comprehend that giving the sensor a harder time to sort your dumbass out is going to help?

I should be licensed to carry a gun and be allowed to use it with extreme prejudice... That will be a greaaaaaat day.