Holy SHIIT!!! Check out the size of the bugs that they have in Germany!!!

Also, I came across some leaked videos from Microsoft a while ago, featuring skits that Ricky Gervais (you know, "David Brent" from "The Office") did for them. The are fantastic, done in "The Office" style. Warning, the vids are about 20 mins long each, but WELL worth watching when you have the time:

video 1
video 2

Quote from one of the videos:

On passion for technology without passion for the customer
You come in my shop and say: "Ooh, can I buy this brilliant piece of technology?" and I say: "Yes you can, you little four-eyed freak, that's 400 quid, now get out, you're making the place look untidy." Now where's that going to leave me?


Check this video out! It's from a guy who put a video camera on his radio controlled plane. "Yeah, whatever, seen stuff like that before" I hear you say, but THIS camera is hooked up to goggles with a gyroscope in them so when the user moves his head, so does the camera on the plane!! So freaken geeky... I love it.


Damn, I've been pretty flat out since I got back from the US of A for work! This was one of the last views of Washington that I had:

Got to use my new Canon camera for that, any excuse :-)

I was at the pub within 2 hours of touching down at Heathrow, catching up with the guys. Craig and Kim also came over to London from NZ for a holiday! We all went out the next night to the Greek place just down the road from my place, which kicks ass:


Check this out, pic of Hurricane Gordon taken by space shuttle Atlantis on 17th Sept::

Apparently remnants of it will reach the UK (remnants of the storm that his, hopefully NOT the space shuttle)!

Not sure what that "stick" is doing at the top of the pic, I can only assume it's a broomstick handle blown out by the storm from a ravaged hardware store that got stuck in the side of the space shuttle... I hope someone's told NASA...

And I came across a video of the hardest men in the world. I was expecting a video of Cullen hitting a guy and making him fly a meter back, but no. It was *almost* as enjoyable, however (it looks like Chris Mathew makes it in)... You've gotta check it out...


My Mum sent me these pics of naked Uni students in the moat of my parents castle, acting out sexual positions, yes, you read that correctly!

Apparently Auckland Uni had some crazy tasks for students to do and one of them was to do that. Mum, never slow to encourage people to have fun (or stir some shiit, however you wanna look at it) told the first group of students who stripped down to their togs "Oh, you'll never win like THAT!". when they cried "why not?" she said "WELL, the first bunch who went through went COMPLETELY naked" which of course got them to go more hard out.

As Mum put it "Just another boring Sat afternoon at the castle"... Amusing.


Well, I've FINALLY gotten my shiit together and registered www.freakensweet.com for my web site! Welcome.

And what better way to start a new site, but with a video of a burning car! Check this out, I just took it. I'm currently in the states at the moment (near Washington DC).

I'm sure James is going "a burning car, so what?", but remember James, not all of us live in Lewisham and see this shiit every day!

Also, Andrew has been scouring the Mish Mash site again and found this lovely pic of me, Andrew, Kent and Stef from last Sat:


While on holiday the other week at Cap D' Ail, Kent and I found the source of the Internet...

Apparently it all comes from a blue box in a white van! Who would've guessed.


Here's the Metro's article on poor ol' Steve Irwin:



No, that isn't the start of some joke, the crocodile hunter is really dead.

In an almost ironic twist of fate (considering he's stuck his hand in the mouth of just about every poisons and vicious creature on earth), he was killed by a stingray and it's almost unheard of for stingrays (despite there name) to kill people.

Stink. Seriously, talking like Steve Irwin has been a classic way of getting a cheap laugh for me and many others over the years (such as this and this) and it just won't be the same anymore.

In other totally unrelated news, Chris and I were in a police van yesterday morning! No, we weren't arrested, in fact (in Chris's words) were basically deputised. We left my place on the way round to Crazy's and on the corner Chris spied 3 Stella beers just lying on the ground. Chris being Chris, of course he picked one up, only for a Pikie (a real scum of the earth loser) to start yelling at us just down the street! Chris put the beer down but this guy kept following us and was obviously up for a fight. He looked off his face drunk and Chris and I started cracking up because he was the definition of a loser. Anyway, we started to get worried when he just didn't relent and started chasing us! I'm fairly sure Chris and I could've gone all Cullen on his ass and flattened him but a) he could've been carrying some weapon and b) we're not in high school anymore so I dialled 999. The cops were there within a min or so, pulling up down the road but in the mean time another guy came out of his house and told the pikie to get his shiit together, which of course provoked the moron to have a go at him. Chris and I went down to the cops, told them what was going on and they said "OK lads, jump in the back of the van" so we could go get him (yeah, they turned the siren on and we didn't even have to ask). By the time we got back he had disappeared so we got to cruse around the back streets of Putney for a while and give a description of the guy that was broadcast over the radio. We also overheard that a guy fitting his description had just stolen a case of Stella, so everything fitted into place. In the end I don't know if they caught the loser, but was an interesting way to start Sunday off.

Sat night was awesome, went to a bar called Mish Mash in Clapham for Leen's going back to NZ party. The place had a fantastic crowd and everyone was in great form. Few snaps of the night are on the Mish Mash site already!


DAMN this year is going fast! September already. Noticing how freaken early it's starting to get dark, STINK!

I've been really busy this week and still haven't gotten around to putting my V page together, I'll try and find time shortly... BUT I have done my V Video (while on holiday in Cap D' Ail last weekend - another page in the works)!

Check the V video out here. I reckon it's a cracker.

UPDATE Stef just pointed out some naughty deeds by some totally random people at time 4:46 in the V Video DAMN FUNNY! I missed that initially but it's so obvious! BUSTED!