PHEW!!! What a freaken full on weekend! Went to V festival with a bunch of the guys and damn it was good!

Came back last night, driving all the way home and through London in Matt's car with no rear vision or left wing mirror... loads of fun, not!

No rest for the wicked that night though, was off to the pub for Tania and Grant's (my flatmates) going away drinks!

I promised I wouldn't say anything about "old geezers" in the photo above either :-)


GAH! OK, I'm using this entry to vent a little and I know it's cliché to biitch and moan about commuting, but screw it, it's my site.

A well known fact that on your commute to work in London, NO ONE wants to hear anybody else speak, hell if a real commuter got their leg chopped off in the door you'd expect them to barely whimper, let alone have others turn to acknowledge what's happened, unless it was to go "tisk, tisk" at them for splattering blood... OK, I'm completely off track now.

So you can imagine my disgust when two women who apparently know each other bumped into each other and spent the vast majority of my now greatly shortened commute (now just into Waterloo) yakking. Not only that but the fat one with hoop earrings (which went down to her freaken knees just about) either found everything so fu<ken, over-the-top funny that she had to look away from her mate with her face screwed up or so shocking her jaw dented the freaken floor of the train from hitting it so hard.

I paused my iPod just so I could actually hear what they were talking about, seeing as the cackling was ruining my phat beats anyway, only to hear them spouting some shiit about "this guy, like, in my office, like, made tea, like, the totally same time as ME, like!! OMG he's so, like, cute!!!" *squeal*

Fu<k me, my finger has never moved so quickly back to the play button.

I was thanking GOD that the large one got off the train before Waterloo (Queenstown road of all places) only for the other one to whip out her freaken phone, to carry on the fu<ken conversation!

Yeah, I said "tisk, tisk" under my breath in her general direction, I'm sure that will eat her up inside today and teach her a bloody lesson!

Man, I've been commuting in London too long...