Wow, I've just come back from another fantastic holiday in Cap D' Ail. Eleven of us went in total! A highlight was meeting Bono and Edge from U2... Pics and vids should be up this week!


Everyone gets a few of these "You know you're XXX when..." emails from time to time. But here is one that really hit home for me :-)

I just got sent this from Karin. I laughed my ASS off and so did all my flatmates. Finally, something innocent that I find hilarious, even after the 3rd screening.


Had our last touch rugby game of the season last night. We've managed to go two whole touch-seasons without winning a game! Quite an achievement if I do say so myself. We still had lots of fun though, here's some of us at the pub afterwards:

Here's a video of an ad in NZ for all the kiwi's abroad (from my reporter in the field) and here's an ad of NZ I snapped in the Tube here in London, for all those Kiwi's living at home!


Phew, I've mostly recovered from the V festival. I got some very amusing photos and great footage for my next video... stay tuned for that.

Last night I also went out for a business meal and by coincidence saw the crowd for the Premier of Dukes of Hazzard. I managed to peer through the crowd and saw Johnny Knoxville (Jackass star) who plays one of the good ol' boys. I resisted the urge to throw the nearest shopping trolley I could find at him...


Bloody hell! You think you've seen it all, and then this picture turns up on your phone:

I am truly speechless. The closest thing I can compare, um, THAT to, is this:


That damn squirrel that came into my lounge the other week (Dear Diary 07/08/05) must have told a few tall stories to all the other animals in da hood. Probably about some scary 7 foot tall monster that roars at you and causes you to run into doors or some shiit. All the toughest animals must have told the squirrel "Nah, you're a pussy, I'll go check it out".

Last night a white cat first poked it's head in, must have been the scout. I did my tried and true "A-hem" cough, which actually just made the cat turn his head towards me and walk forward. I'm usually a sucker for cats but the last thing I need is one piissing in the corner. In the end I had to yell "BUGGER OFF, WOULD YA?!" Before he finally got the message to turn around and leave.

He must have gone back and told the rest of his crew that "nah, that monster ain't so tough" because next thing I know a freaken fox poked his head in! Foxes are very distinct animals that simply do not look like dogs and usually crap their pants and run off when they see a human 100m away. I said "What the FU<K?!!!" to him and he just turned his fluffy head towards me and blinked (just his head was poking through the curtains, which was rather amusing). I had to stand up, point towards him and say "OI, YOU, GET THE HELL OUTA HERE!" before he finally got the message.

First kids have no respect for their elders and now the damn animals are having a go too! I'm living in a freaken zoo here, people.


Wow, another cool weekend. Started off on Fri with a few of us boys doing the ol' Belushi's followed by Porterhouse run. I ended up with Steve for the last part of the evening, drinking and chatting our asses off with everyone at the pub.

Sat saw me off to a rather lovely Barbie at Matt, Sheree and Pete's place with a darts competition extortionate. This was after watching the All Blacks STOMP those didgeridoo blowing Auzzies in a well deserved win. Richard got rather merry after the game and I had to put up with antics such as this:

on the way to the Barbie. My apologies too all those in the same tube carriage with Richard.

Sunday saw me going to O2 Scrum in the Park, to have a picnic with Juliana, Alice and Katrina. Despite the rain and wind, was rather pleasant! We also popped into the pub afterwards for a quick pint and to dodge the rain. 8 Hours later we staggered off home in a rather cheery mood. Although I promised not to put the pics and especially the video on the web, I'm sure they won't mind me posting these:

Thank goodness it's Monday so I can recover.


Well, it's Friday, the jokes are spilling into my inbox (I love em, even the repeats, of which 90% are). Seeing as it's the day of slacking off and joking around, here's my Friday collection of MasterCard ads. Some I've seen before but a couple I haven't. Enjoy, courtesy of big-boys.


I just found a cool site! This guy does flash animations. My favourite one is the acoustic version of Creep by Radiohead. The JCB Music Video is very cool too. Check out this if you're a geek as well...

Man there are some talented people in the world! I hope monkeehub will do well.


Just saw a fantastic movie last night, called Crash. I'd find it hard to think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy watching it, I was fairly riveted to the screen the whole time. Nothing in particular that was over the top outstanding, just a great story. I actually think the trailer on the yahoo site doesn't do it justice at all, I was nearly put off watching it because of it.

It's rare for me to really enjoy a movie that isn't a special effects / gun toting / bomb blasting extravaganza. This is a great exception.

Cheers to my boss John for pointing it out to me! Now go download it at a torrent site near you...


Well, I just had an amusing experience that you don't get every day. I was sitting in the lounge quietly reading an email when I hear a scurry, scurry noise on the hardwood floor coming through the outside door. I looked up to see an animal, for a split second thinking it was a cat, but it was a squirrel! I watched it for a few seconds sniffing around and moving further into the room with a massively inquisitive expression on its face before I make a gentle cough in a "excuse me, Mr squirrel, what do you think you're doing?!" kinda way. His head shot up, looked at me for about half a second before turning tail and sprinted back towards the door, legs initially spinning around going nowhere with his claws on the polished floor. He got his grip and *BANG* ran straight into the other doors window, forming a shape like you'd see on a cartoon when a person runs through a wall:

He fell back to the ground, took one more look at me, tried to work out what the hell happened before sprinting out the opened door this time to safety under the car.

Oh I also had a fantastic weekend of boozing, despite the All Blacks loosing to South Africa. I swear, I'd rather we lost to the Australians. At least the Ozzies wouldn't be yabbering on about how awesome they are hours and hours afterwards. Pics and an amusing voicemail will be posted some time soon, after I fully recover.

03/08/05 - x2

FINALLY!!! A decent collection of London terrorist jokes.

Check them out here!

Hey, if you can't laugh at these late-comers to the London terrorist scene (who do a far more pathetic job that the IRA ever did), then too bad for you :-)


Dearie, dearie me. After my latest update which included that lovely collage of Ian jumping into a paddling pool, it looks like he's got a taste for swimming. Here he is last night after touch rugby.

The launch (into water about 1 foot deep):

Here's one of his splash downs (you didn't expect him to jump in just the once, did ya?!), you can almost see the blindly scared wonderment in the kids face as this strange, hairy man leaps into his pool:

And the after shot, right before the cops hauled Ian away:

Of course, no collection of pics would be complete without Crazy doing something silly:


Well, I've finally received a joke related to the London bombings, rather amusing, it's probably the least sick joke around:

While we're on the subject of terrorism, here's lovely pic:

I've also had a fantastic few days, highlight was Dennis's house party and sumo in the park on Sunday :-) Pics will be up some time soon.