I downloaded a program to randomly select pics  I've taken over the past few years and apply them as my desktop wallpaper, this beauty just came up which made me laugh out loud in the office:

Awesome, not only because of the gorgeous women in it, but from Richards face providing the ultimate contrast.


Here's a snap out of my window showing a typical English summer day this year:

I took it because you can actually see blue sky for a change!


Andrew made it in this weeks TNT Magazine:

Making all us Kiwi guys look good *ahem*.


Yesterday the heavens opened up, a monsoon basically hit London and it freaken HAILED big chunks of ice. Yep, it's the middle of the English summer.

I got the following 2 text as well, see if you can guess who it was from while reading it, no prizes if you do:

You won't believe what happened tonight... Seriously! I got struck by lightning!! (I was holding an umbrella in the park and had only joked about it one minute earlier and it happened! - obviously not a large strike - but still!) People around me saw the blue arc jumping down the shaft of the umbrella, arc across the rubber handle and down through my right hand/arm to the earth).... You didn't wish for this did you?!

Oh yeah - forgot to mention the flash and all the chicks hair around me was standing on end (not all of it, wispy strands!)...

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it, the one, the only, Crazy John got struck by lightning.

Can't say I was overly surprised when I got the text.