What place has the bluest skies in the world?! Well, it isn't New Zealand. Apparently NZ comes SECOND to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) according to this article in metro:

The Bay of Islands is second, followed by Ayers Rock in Australia. Nice try you Auzzies, better luck next time though :-)

Obviously the reporter didn't go to Able Tasman National park in NZ (see my page), otherwise I'm sure NZ would've been number 1!


AWESOME! We won our grand final at netball last night!

(Robyn, Amelia, Tania, Bryony)
(Dick, Stef, Tony)
(Nicole away on holiday)

It was the most nail biting game we've ever played, TIED at full time, with the whistle blowing seconds before Tania was to take the winning goal, TIED AGAIN after two halves of 2 min extra time (we were down 1 at half time) but FINALLY we took the game when playing first to 2 up (at one point being down 1)!

Well done, team "Tony"!!!


FINALLY something worth watching on TV!!!

Of course, anything THIS good has people up in arms about how bad it is.

Now, does anyone have an entry form they can send me and know what the prizes are? I have a good feeling about winning, considering that I am "Master Baker"...


I was looking through some old pics last night, from 2001 and I came across this pic that I took at the Science Museum:

I just love the geeky irony...

P.S. If you're currently on a cell phone contract for longer than 10 months (like me with Vodafone), ring them up and tell them to half your monthly contract rate for the next 12 months (if you don't want a new phone). I went from 36 to 17.50 for 200 mins and 100 texts (plus "stop the clock") - This message brought to you by Tony "save-a-lot" Baker - providing you with more pounds to put into pints.


Well, now I've seen it all (or a bit more).

You know those sites where you need to enter the letters displayed in a mangled picture, like this:

to make sure it's not an automatic signup by a "bot", well, here's the ultimate geek version of it! On this page you need to pick out the 3 hot chicks, otherwise you won't be able to proceed! You see, computers can't work out "hotness" and random picking on that page will apparently only get you through 1% of the time.

To be fair to the ladies, there is a male version of it, but I have to admit, it's a lot harder to pick 3 hot guys...


Ahh, yet another example of why I trust the intelligence of people in power so much.

Litter bins have apparently been "abused" by people putting the "wrong" type of rubbish in them at a seafront in Bournemouth, i.e. people cleaning out their cars, picnic leftovers, you know, crazy "wrong" rubbish like that.

Well, to combat the problem the council decided not to add more bins, but to take them away so people would have to take their rubbish home with them! Oh WOW, it's all so clear and obvious to me NOW!!! I never would've thought of that, how stupid am I?!

In other news, tourists have been seen dumping rubbish in bushes and roadsides where the bins were removed.

Gee, wonder if the two incidences are related...

Damn, my biitch slapping hand is just TINGLING right now...


Well, I had an AWESOME 30th birthday party on Sat combined with Nic's! I'll put a few snaps up in the next few days, but here's one with some of ya outside, taken from Leen's room:

I managed to get most of ya in there I think, well, those that could fit in the back garden at the time!

Thanks heaps to ya who managed to make it on the night and made it so great.