Well, well, well, today's the last day of being 30!

I think it's almost fitting that the only birthday card I have received so far is from my financial adviser :-)


I went to Pearl Jam last night with Stu and they kicked ass! They played at Wembley Arena (as opposed to Wembley Stadium where I was the night before). Here are some snaps from my phone:

"Alive" was the best song of the night as far as I was concerned, here's a tiny and crappy vid of Stu and I enjoying it.


Now this just cracks my ass up! In Louisiana (USA) the state is trying to pass in to law a proposal to make wearing saggy trousers a crime. If you can see undies, you'll be fined US$500.

After a quick review of gun law in Louisiana it has become clear to me that I can quite happily purchase an AK47 assault rifile, immediately, without a background check, not register it, conceal it if I want, receive no safety training and buy as many other guns as I like (all at the same time if I want), BUT BY GOD, if I wear baggy trousers at the time, I'll be in trouble.


It's good to be back home in the UK after travelling for the past month! Went to Richmond to sit beside the Thames and drink with Shea, Stu and Mel yesterday:

Shea even brought along his poi's, he's not bad but I hate to tell ya Shea, Shan is better at it than you... ;-)


Tony's list of things to do in life:

#78: Attend a kick ass New York city penthouse party on the upper east side of Manhattan. Go with a gorgeous NYC woman and close mate. Dance the night away with the aid of a DJ from a top notch NYC club and mix it all up with an open bar.