29/06/76 06

Well, I've turned 30 today! Yes, I feel much older and wiser than I did yesterday. Hard to explain to "youth" just how great it is knowing everything.

Seeing as it's my coming of mature age birthday, I guess it's only fitting that I post a very mature video... here's an 10" fountain of diet coke I created using just Mentos!

You can download it here if Google Videos doesn't work for ya.

Basically, if you put a few mentos in Diet Coke, all the bubbles come out of it in about 2 seconds flat. Pretty sweet, try it and see! Warning, your flatmates probably won't appreciate it as much if you try this in your living room.


Note: Removed this entry, made it into a page. See Script for Ultraviolet 2


Hahahahahahahah, well, what can I say?! After my tirade in Dear Diary on 30/05/06 (go on, check it out now, I'll wait...) where I use the line "verbally biitch slapping a ***** like that" to describe a reaction to a custom's official, I get to read this article in Metro today:

If you're not aware, there are a couple of people in the UK who are slightly worried that their might be ANOTHER terrorist attack. Personally, I'm not worried in the slightest, I'm pretty much 100% certain that there will be due to the incompetence of people in this country and the article proves it.

Get this people, if you come into the UK via a ferry and there happens to be NO-ONE working at the customs desk, DO NOT DESPAIR, all you need to do is USE THE PHONE PROVIDED (you'll probably have to hunt around to find it) to call up, ask for a customs official, sit around and wait for them. That's right, Osama, if you were just expecting to WANDER ON IN to the UK without any resistance, that plan of yours is NOW SCREWED thanks to a phone on a wall.

This line from the article: "He (Lord Carlile - whoever the fu<k that's supposed to be, although I like his style) said that providing a phone at a port of entry, with a notice to call customs officials when no officers were on duty, was an inadequate defence against terrorists", yeah, I'm gonna go and file that under NO FU<KEN SHIIT.

Oh sweet Jesus, I couldn't have made up a more beautiful article.


DAMN!!! The weather has just gone NUTS! It's raining the hardest I think I've ever seen it rain, flooding the road outside the office in about one minute:

About 5 mins before that pic was taken, the ground was dry. In typical English fashion, we're going through a drought at the moment...


My Dad has just been granted a patent on a new idea for hinging farm gates! You can see how it works by following the link on this site. My brother Phil who put up the story would appreciate any "diggs"...

Oh yeah, and had a freaken-fantastic weekend in the sun. Didn't take many snaps of the touch-rugby, drinking in the park and general chilling out, but here's a snap from Juliana's phone from Sat after I leapt into frame while Crazy was taking the snap ;-)

That's Karen, Katrina, Juliana and Alice with some dick leaning in from behind...


Cool, 666 today... hard to imagine the apocalypse arriving on such a glorious, sunny day though! I'll keep hiding under my bed, just in case...

In my apocalypse-proof hidey hole, I've been reading the "Every One Counts" survey which is rather interesting, especially the full survey results (pdf format).

I pretty much fall exactly on the majority percentiles for all the questions. The one glaring omission is "IT/technical" category under the "what is the most appropriate description for the industry that you work in" section. Very strange they didn't put anything like that in considering the number of techo's that are around.

Rather interesting (I was surprised it was this low), but very understandable that only 3% of people will return to NZ primarily for economic reasons, no-one who has earned 's or US$ is gonna want to switch back to earning NZ$, we're gonna go back for the lifestyle and family!


Cool, looks like summer has arrived in London finally! Had an awesome weekend. Sat was spent just chilling out in Stef's back yard, playing poker, drinking and BBQing all day:

And Sunday was spent on the golf course (after a full English Breakfast, of course) with the guys, hooning around in a golf cart.

It wasn't all fun and games though, Stef's car took a hammering by a flock of birds nesting in a tree Sat night... Adele isn't allowed to park the car anymore...

(seriously, some of those birds must have let loose after some serious constipation)


Well, a big hello to visitor 13,089 to my web site last month! Setting a record number of monthly visitors (thanks to my V festival page being really popular to the lead up to that festival this year!).