Well, I'm now officially 29! I had a fantastic birthday dinner last night, cheers to everyone who made it!

I'm off to Egypt (Sharm el Sheikh) now, I've got 30 degrees and crystal clear skies to look forward to while I'm diving, I guess someone has to do it! :-)


Well, if you, like me, wondered how that hell that kiddy fiddler, Wacko Jacko got off scott free, I've found out. Here's the video.


Man, oh man. How sweet was my weekend!!! U2 KICKED ASS! Was fantastic catching up with Cullen and Hannah again as well. I'll have pics of the weekend up before I go diving in Egypt this Thurs.

Email is still coming in about Crazy's Date. Here's what my Mum sent me:

Dear Tony,  Loved the set up for Crazy.  Points out of 10 for imagination, creativity, side-splitting laughter = 10.  Points for humiliation and mothers cringing with embarrassment for the poor boy and thoughts of how this horrible trick was going to traumatise him and put him off women for good and therefore no grandchildren 1

Love from Mum

p.s. keep up the good work, I laughed so hard I cleaned out all my sinuses and lungs.

I am damn lucky that I've got such a great mate who can see the funny side of all this. I'm voting Crazy J sportsman of the decade, for being such a good sport.

Oh and I've also got to comment to all the people who call me a cruel waanker for setting up crazy even though it's damn funny (and even though I am a cruel waanker, it's beside the point), the thing is, HE puts himself in most of the situations, I just finish the job off! Take for example the following pics taken this weekend. Here's JP and Crazy after suggesting to them that they should spit-roast a cow:

Not that I'm at all adverse to doing stupid stuff with Crazy:

And Crazy was more than willing to stand under this sign (oh yeah, Cullen was quick to point out that in Crazy's personal he put that he has "closely shaven brown hair", arse, he's going bald):

In fact, when we were coming home blind drunk Sat we walked past it again and he was the one to point it out to me again and suggest a night time snap! :-)

Top stuff, Crazy. Here's to Egypt this Thurs and more craaaaaaazy antics!!!!!!


I was stepping off the Northern line the other day at London Bridge and saw this on the wall in front of me:

Nice one London Underground, thanks for making our lives that much easier... Ian, are you responsible for this?!

Oh, and this video is just fu<ken unbelievable. Crazy J wears DC shoes, which makes him as cool as them... Maybe.


WOW, Crazy's Date has gotten more responses than any other page I've posted! A few examples: "You are soooo bloody cruel!! John must be crushed, but hey, it was a great video", "I just shat my pants laughing! Man you are so mean.", "You are going straight to hell, how funny though".

Crazy would just like to say that he has actually gotten a fairly good response to his ad and the last laugh is on me for being single now and him with all the ladies. He has also sworn to get me back, fortunately I know that any plan he comes up with will be far to complicated and he will be far to lazy to carry it out, unless it involves pushing me out in front of traffic...


Wow, what a sweet weekend! 30+ degrees C temperature and enough beer BBQ and poker to take full advantage of it all in Stef's back yard. Watching the boys get sun-burnt while taking their money (hmm, well, I got 3rd place in our tournament) was pretty sweet.

Crazy's parents also sent him his PADI dive book and other stuff as we will be going to Egypt at the end of the month to go diving... they also gave him a present; a dive knife! DAMN what were they thinking?! Do they not know their own son? Do they secretly hate him and want him dead? As I watched Crazy pull his knife out and spin it around in the air over and over again to be "cool" I bet the guys a round of beer that Crazy would cut himself... I won within the hour.

Friday was a huge adventure, so big in fact I'm gonna be putting up TWO pages this week... First one this Tues, stay tuned!


Due to popular demand (i.e. Shannon said "Oi, Tone, why isn't that pic of you and I on ya web site?!!") I've decided to post this pic of last Sat night as well. The only reason I didn't in the first place is that there were so many anyway! Here ya go, Shan:

Oh, and the London Underground song has done it's rounds a few times (and yet again, via Cullen this time), but for the tiny few who haven't heard it, or haven't seen the animation that goes with it, here it is (it's still just as amusing as the first time, especially for anyone who has ever commuted in London). Use headphones if you're at work!


What a fantastic weekend! The Premier and party went off like Americans after Oil.

I wanna thank all of ya that made it to the party and made it such a fantastic night, I actually woke up in the morning still smiling and I vaguely recall the bouncer having to kick me off the dance floor at the end of the night.

I'll post photos later this week, there are some fantastic ones, Richard, Crazy, prepare yourselves... you're in the more amusing ones... ooooosss so pretty?!!!! ;-)


My brother, Phil, has been spending his time marketing my parent's castle lately. After extensive market research he's presented a youth-oriented version of the original castle website to my parents... they are currently considering its merits, and the validity of Phil's research...


Damn, I don't know what the hell this has to do with online poker, but I'm friggen well gonna start playing! I recommend you start off playing online here... And yes, I won over $2,000 :-)

SWEET! Looks like everything is falling into place for this Sat (combined birthday party with Shannon, Ian and Mark). Green Park from 1pm onwards, followed by movie premier at 5:30 (all 120 seats filled no worries) then off to Temple Walkabout to get sloshed from 7pm onwards. Bring it on!!!


Cool, I just got sent a bunch of pics and vids of family life back home, here's a video of my cat Bart and what he gets up to at the Castle... not particularly funny or amazing, but gives a small view of what the restaurant area of the castle looks like inside, and Bart rocks. Lost count of the number of times he's threatened by Mum to get his butt kicked out of the castle though...

I'd just like to formally state that Bart would smash Richard's cat's, if it was alive...


Another great weekend, going to Twickenham for the world 7's on Sat and watching Jonah's first game, followed by a trip to Temple Walkabout to get sloshed till 3am! I'll post a few pics some time soon, but till then, here's one I took on the way to the Walkabout, on Waterloo bridge (makes great wallpaper for ya computer):


Poor, poor, Stef. Sigh, he really should have learned by now, that if he's gonna take me on in a war of insults and wit, ultimately he's gonna loose. I'll spare you the IM conversation between us and Crazy, but I am forced to release the following picture as retribution, even though I did promise Stef at the gay pride parade he made us go to "as a dare" that my camera was turned off, enjoy:


Being a geek, I've seen some freaken geeky shiit try and be presented in a "cool" fashion in my time. This flash animation showing how to increase areal densities on hard drive platters by overcoming superparamagnetic effects due to crowding of longitudinal bits by using perpendicular recording bits (translation: will mean getting almost unlimited storage space for p0rn on your cell phone in a couple of years) pretty much tops