myself, Kent, Stu, Crazy, Richard, James and Andrew went to Alton Towers on Sat to celebrate Andrews birthday. We had a sweet day, acting like big kids as you can probably imagine.

While we were flaunting the "do not stand up" rule on the log flume, we got snapped:

As you can see, Stu's head was cut off in the original, even though the sneaky baastards had him there on screen!

It was off to the Thai Square for drinkies till 2am after we got back to London. All in all, a fantastic day!


Gah! I still haven't found enough time to get an Egypt page together! Still going through my pics. Will find time this weekend I hope!!!


Well, I've had an AWESOME couple of weeks in Egypt! I've taken a stack of sweet pics and vids that I've got to go through, sort out the best and will post in bite site portions for ya!

To all those on the land tour that would like a copy of the email list, just click here to send me an email.

Also, my Auntie Fay and Uncle Garry have been wrestling cheetahs in the wild and saving bus loads of children from being eaten!!! Look, here's a pic of them next to one they've slain*:

*By that I mean patting Cheetahs in an enclosed space with a Keeper close at hand and the Cheetah in the pic probably just wants to sleep, but STILL!