Yep, those Americans, I'll never get sick of them:


God, love those Americans!

No shiit, I just took this picture 3 minutes ago in the car park outside work:


Well, I think I've recovered from another trip to New York. I got to meet the legendry "Silver" (Chris's NYC "friend"), which was an experience. She lived up to her reputation and was all that and more. Damn cool chick.

Chris and I were bored on Sat and still a bit pissed from Friday when we all went out and met up with Heather and Lana and had a couple *cough* *splutter* drinks, so we put together some footage of us hanging out in NYC, which will probably destroy any chance of me getting into a political or baby sitting position in the future, but hey, I'm gonna post it anyway... stay tuned.

My GOD! I'm thinking of suing the creators of this video because it is so freakishly close to what happened in my past that they must have actually been in my room when it happened.

Well, freakishly close if you substitute the "Mom" in the video for one of my mates who crashed out on my bedroom floor when I was asleep once and had to cough loudly in the morning to alert me to his presence when I was, um, "relaxing" with myself... Ahh, the good ol' University days.


Oh man, I feel rough. Prague was fantastic, I've got some damn funny pics and vids to post when I get a chance... I'm about to jump on another plane and take off to the States now though.

Also, I've found out why I've suddenly got a stack of fresh visitors to my web site! Google the word "intercourse" and go to Google's images page... Look carefully and you'll see my butt (6th / 3,570)! Here's an archive of the search results as I'm sure they'll change soon (surprising lack of any p0rn). My ass is famous!


Went to Backyard Comedy Club last night with about a dozen others. DAMN funny! I really recommend the place, haven't laughed that hard in a while.

On the way home I took this snap:

Click on the pic for the full size version! Makes great desktop wallpaper for all you Canada water people...

I'm off to Prague in a few hours, back Sun then off to States! Gonna be a very busy next few weeks...


Ray and Minttu are having a baby and Stu and Mel are getting married! Fantastic news all round. Ray and Minttu's baby is due around October and Stu and Mel will be getting married in NZ around Feb. Hard to imagine that a guy who dresses as a woman is finally marrying one.

Damn, what a weekend I've had. As predicted it involved a stack of drinking with us boys catching up with Chris:


It's funny how you can go years without seeing a mate and once you're back together it's like you saw them just the other week. Chris hasn't changed at all, as you can see from these pics taken years apart:

Poor Chris also felt the effects of *ahem* jet-lag *cough* which resulted in poor Chris ending up in the state that we all know and love:


Bah! Plusnet (my ISP) took my site down for most of today because my bandwidth allowance was all used up due to me sharing the high quality version of my new snowboarding video on my latest page. No, really, it's got nothing to do with p0rn for a change.

CHRIS MATHEW IS IN DA HOUSE!!!! (almost). He arrives tomorrow! Prepare for insanely drunken behaviour involving rubber animals and 300 orange juice drinks... ay Crazy.

If you don't have the privilege of knowing Chris Mathew, here is an old pic of him here, here, here and this one here (about 30 seconds after taking advantage of my hospitality and good will. I did make him put down a tarpaulin first so he wouldn't accidentally soil anything).


Hmm, I don't think that it's any small coincidence that every time I mention the word "intercourse" on my web site, that the number of visitors jumps (211 visitors yesterday). So I'm gonna stop doing anything that has intercourse involved, that's right no more intercourse for Tony. What perplexes me though, is that if I Google "intercourse", my page comes up 3,986,435 of 4,510,000 pages... there must be some pretty desperate people out there wanting to find intercourse to go through that many pages (only to see my bare ass on my web site instead, HA HA)!

I've also had people suggest that perhaps I should start putting adverts on my site! Pffffff, that's going to be as likely as finding a hair on my face after the 4th blade of the new whisker-violate-4000 range of shavers from Hair-away has passed over my beard. Nope, I want people coming away from my site saying, "Gee, that's as refreshingly free of ads as a sip of new mango flavoured teen-preg alchopop on the hot dance floor of the newly opened SweatyToplessJock nightclub in the city!" (I hear that entry is free for ladies if they buy 10 teen-preg mango or original rohypnol flavoured drinks).

(Note to self, think of some original ideas for humour for a change)


God, my workmate Neal just got sent some pictures. I have to post them as they are pretty classic... and unfortunately, I think a lot of you will be able to relate.

Warning - Not For Work: NEVER get this drunk


Well, traffic to my site has just gone a bit crazy, yesterday I broke the magical 100 visitors in a day mark (which adds another inch to my willie) by a huge margin, 163 people! Damn, I haven't even gotten around to placing an advert in "Donkey Rogerers anonymous" bi-weekly newsletter to generate that sort of interest..

If you're new here, let me know what Dutch site I've been added to and I'll reward you with a link to Crazy's dodgy hidden folder on his PC  :-)


Had another great weekend, got trolleyed Friday night at the Slapper and Legless in Fulham on Friday with the boys and up at 7:30am the next day to play a round of golf with Stu (couldn't keep my head down for more than 10 seconds when putting due to me getting too dizzy, but amazingly I cranked out some sweet putts).

Also had a run around the park Sunday playing a couple of impromptu games of touch with Annika, Sam (hidden behind Shannon), Mark, Ian and Grant before heading off to my place for a Barbie:

By the way, Grant is completely sober in the picture by the BBQ with James (and of course, James is looking as pretty as always).

P.S., since I have just posted my Search Strings page, here are some more from the last few days: "intercourse" (has accounted for over 50% of searches, seems to be the search string of choice on the ol' Internet), "farting", "making out", "piss drinking", "black chick with big butt", "nipple" and "bollocks". Glad to see I'm making a place for myself on the Internet that is furthering human civilisation and development.


Check this out, the boys and I went to the beach today and dared each other to go hard out behind a jet-ski. Here's me, starting out small...