Mum sent me a few more pics of Tyla the other week and I HAVE to share them.

They are of Tyla and her new pony. If you want to see what crapping ya pants with excitement looks like, then take a look at this.


Here's a bit more Kiwiana, the Auckland sky tower:

I took that photo at an Exponents concert when I was back in NZ. If you're wondering why the sky tower is shaped like a hypodermic needle, it's due to the city councils deal with the Mongrel Mob to promote their "drugs for cash" program.


On my way home from a work dinner I spied a Metro newspaper on the bus that was still in really good condition, "sweet" I thought, "this will past the rest of my journey home quite nicely!". Anyway, I read an article in it that REALLY made me go "WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!!" and I'll get to that shortly. Just as I was about to post the article on my site, I noticed the date of the metro said March the 22nd! I thought a Metro from the future!? A misprint on every page?! Then I noticed the year... Check it out here (top left):

Freak out, maaaaan.

The article I was so freaken piissed off by and left me sitting in disbelief, was about a neurosurgeon in Nottingham who was suspended on full pay for being accused of taking an extra bowl of soup from the staff canteen, don't believe me about this either?! Well here is the article:

Now, you can call me the most politically incorrect waanker in the world if you like, but if I was head of a hospital and a freaken canteen staff member or whoever came to me moaning about a surgeon or doctor taking an extra bowl of soup or whatever, I'm pretty sure that after my uncontrollable biitch-slapping of him, HE would be the one suspended, for good WITHOUT pay. Yep, "All the soup you can freaken handle" would be the heading of my help wanted ads in newspapers... probably why I'm not a hospital director.


Take a look at the following "Canterbury Clothing Company" logo:

Now, answer me this, can you see 3 Kiwi heads in the logo, or do you just see 3 funny shaped "C"s?

Believe it or not, the other night I spoke to TWO true-blue Kiwi's who had no idea that the CCC logo contained the heads of Kiwi birds:

I mean their entire life, they had never seen the kiwi heads until it was pointed out to them. Am I just lucky enough that my brain can see the Kiwi's straight away or was I harsh in saying "well DAH!" to them?!

I thought I might point out a few cleaver tricks that other logo's contain, just so there is no confusion about them...

The McDonald's Golden arches form a "M" which stands for "McDonalds"

The Apple logo is shaped like an Apple with a bite out of it:

The "3M" logo contains a "3" and a "M" in it:

There, I hope that clears up any confusion there as well!


Well, I'm back after an awesome holiday. Diving was amazing, now I have 26GB of photos and videos to sort out! I made a great video last night, but my PC had a craap when I tried to encode it. I'll try and find time tonight to attack it again! Stay tuned...