Stef and I went out on a bender Sat night. Raving till 7am at the Fez and Fabric. If I was to sum up our evening as a fast food order, it would be the "Double Whopper wid cheese, super-sized plus a side order of cheeseburgers" - expensive and over the top, but will keep you satisfied for ages.

Also went to Putney to check out the famous Oxford vs Cambridge boat race (151st event, dates back to 1829, Oxford won the 4.25 mile race this year by 2 lengths). I thought there would be lots of people, but DAMN, the Thames was lined several people deep. Here's a few snaps:

Here's me with my Oxford VIP lifetime supporters ribbon, which I was given after convincing the race organisers that I was the head of the 2004 sister Hamilton boat race committee, The Great Race, it allowed me to get in the changing rooms at the end of the event:


When you're a black dude in America and wanna look cool, you need two things, "Bling" and a chick with a big butt on your arm. If you're a chick and you want a man with "Bling", then you need a big butt (I think the technical term is "bubble butt"). I thought the big butt culture was pretty much isolated just to America and the mere thought of ladies in Mother England going down this route was beyond imagination. Until I saw this chick getting on the train today:

The words "Damn" and "shiiitzzzz" shouted in my mind for some reason. I also thought of Chris Mathew and circus side-shows, dunno why.


Brought a kick ass new BBQ with Stef on Friday for his flat and he invited some of the boys and girls round to break it in. Fantastic 20 degree C weather and sunshine made for a cracker day. We went to the London Bridge markets first (via a walk past Tower Bridge) to load ourselves up with seafood and meat until it came out our ears.

We also brought a BBQ Toolset. That's right, a toolset - this baby's kitted out with everything a man needs to help burn his meat to perfection. Now, I'm not talking no skillet and knife here, when you walk into the back yard with this baby, the conversation noise noticeably drops and people start to turn around and look. You pop the kit down on the table with a satisfying clunk and by then everyone is staring with bated breath at this Pandora's box of BBQ delight. There's a sudden gasp as you start to open the box and as you slowly lift the lid to revel the utensils high quality, polish steal gleaming in the sunshine, it's not uncommon for a couple of the ladies to faint, a few of the men to drop their beers and the nosy neighbours kid staring over the fence to shiit his pants. That's right, people, if this BBQ toolset was a person, it would be a 10,000 per hour porn star. Oh yeah.


Hmm, Matt's gone off the radar. I've got my Man or Woman voting page all written up and ready to go, just need those pics and vids off of Matt! Stay tuned...

Oh, just found out that Matt got blind drunk last night and won't be able to give me the pictures until tomorrow.


Cool, a car just smashed into the Indian resturant across the road from work, perfectly between a garden and wall. An Inch to the right and it would've been tears for them (as it turns out it looks like a perfectly parked car, with a crumpled nose from the resturant wall).

Two little buggers of ethnic origin jumped out and ran down one road towards the train station while a police car screamed around the corner and went off down another road.

London ROCKS!



Happened while I was away snowboarding, I'm stoked!!! See all the baby pic's on the Tyla link I've just added.

Snowboarding rocked by the way. Have some DAMN fantastically amusing photos and videos... I think it's gonna take me the entire week to put the page together and create the video.

Also, I'm planning as a FIRST for my web site, a public vote! Without ruining the amusement value too much, I'll only say that you will have to decide after looking at photographic and video evidence if the "female" Pete almost scored and Crazy brought a drink for was really a chick after all...


Well, I'm just about to take off snowboarding with the boys (9 of us I think) again. We're driving back to the 3 Vallee's this time rather than flying which is turning into an adventure, seeing as all the ferry's are delayed and there is apparently traffic queued to Africa on the M20.

Gonna bring an extra pair of socks as well, seeing as it's going to be -38 FREAKEN degrees C on top of the mountain!


You know your work environment isn't all that bad, when your boss sends you this video in an email... WARNING - make sure YOUR boss isn't watching your PC...

I also came across this today (need sound - not with your boss in earshot) and have spent a while wondering just who I should dedicate it to... so many people to choose from... Crazy? Richard? What do you think... :-)