Well, Iím off to NZ for two weeks tomorrow for work, but Iím actually getting more excited about snowboarding in Canada in 3 weeks time!

Here are my predictions for our Canada trip, Iím thinking of putting odds on them happening:

 All sounds freaken awesome!!!

Crazy's Response after reading this is:

I'd just like to go on record and say 'possible'...
... 'possible' to nearly everything you've written.


I was cleaning out some old pics from my phone and I came across these two pics of Stef, Crazy and I at the Greyhounds last month.

Here's Crazy with his pick, a sure fire winner with the name "John" on his ticket:


And the inevitable result:

It was a really cool night actually, slumming it with white trash, eating dodgy looking chicken burgers and swilling a few snakebites while screaming "Come on ya little baastard" as the dogs run round. I'd go back for sure!


Welcome any TNT Magazine readers (and the usual crowd of course). There are lots more pub crawl pics and an un-cropped version of my published crowd pic on my Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl page.

My pic was on the contents page (top right):

And the second page of this article:

bottom left:

If you look closely down the left hand of the second page you can see my picture credit :-)


As if you needed another excuse to say "Richard, you scare me":


Awesome news, here is a pic of Craig and Kim's 1 HOUR old baby!

Craig briefly wrote:

Hey bro, this is our 1 hour old daughter. No name yet, guess craig junior is out.


Here are a few extra snaps that I took on the Circle Line Pub crawl. The weather was awesome which made for some great pics.

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament:

close-up of Big Ben:

London Eye:

London eye and Big Ben to Right:


Well, I think I'm finally sober after the circle line pub crawl on Sat! Was an incredible day. Pics and another carefully crafted video will be up soon...

Register for Glastonbury here. Whatever you do though, don't email around your registration number like Crazy did, cos then you can log in to the web site using his post code, steal his pic:

and delete his registration so you'll have a better chance of getting a ticket.


Nah, just kidding, Crazy (or am I? You'll have to wait a few mins before midnight on the 28th of Feb to find out...)