I just got this video from my reporter in the field. Damn, that's about as NZ as it gets, I post this for all you kiwi's living abroad :-)

OK, Mum, send me a pair over...


Well, after my sweet start to the weekend with my poker win things just keep on going well for me! I had a great time in NYC with Heather and Lana... I'll post some censored photos soon, once I get the go-ahead as to which ones I'm allowed to post :-)

Also, I found out that my boss and a couple of his mates stayed up a few hours after I bailed out of the poker game... My boss ended $250 up, everyone else at the table went home poor, so much for me being the only big winner!


Fu<k me, nice start to the weekend, I took several of my boss's mates to the cleaners to the tune of $148.50 up! Learned some brand new games too, looking forward to poker night back in London now boys...

Now bring on NYC!


Hmm, never let it be said that Compaq's support is shiit.

Well, I'm gambling with my boss and his buddies tonight over a game of poker and off to NYC tomorrow, hopefully with some cash to spend. Other than that it's been an easy week... still waiting for my sister to have her baby some time soon so I can finally become a father. Oops, I mean uncle.


God, I'm still recovering from last Sat when I was in Dublin to see Cullen with Richard and James (probably doesn't help that I was on a 8 hour flight to the States straight after as well). We had a fantastic night/morning out. Well, it was fantastic until that sweet and innocent James STOLE from me. Yep, all my spade work was just taken away at the end of the evening in the blink of an eye due to his girlish good looks and way with the ladies. Now I know what went through Edward Norton's mind when he "felt like destroying something beautiful" in fight club. Watch your back, pretty boy :-)


There has been a rumour that I emailed the following picture to Crazy's workmates after Crazy insulted me and it is now doing the rounds around his company:

Come on John, we have known each other for years and years, do you really think I would intentionally want the world to see you in a skirt and blouse? Come on, if I wanted to do damage I'd post something like this:


I know I'm getting old when I find stuff like this worth posting (I think Crazy John is gonna fall in love with that video and spend this evening going through all his T-shirt draws)! It works amazingly well and is a hell of a lot faster than my usual attempts at folding and stuffing clothes into draws...


FINALLY, someone NOT from good ol' NZ does something completely stupid! It must have taken him a lot of balls to do that... but I bet he won't have the balls to try it again. HA HA HA!!!


Man, I'm stuffed! Just had a sweet time snowboarding with Matt, Crazy and Pete (Crazy's workmate). I can't wait to get photos and videos off Matt. There are some rippers, along with some complete bollocks which will provide amusement for the masses. Should have something up in the next day or two.

Here is a sample (you'll need sound, or it'll look as stupid as it is). For some reason it was one of the most amusing things on Earth at the time, i.e. when we were pissed... I bet you can't work out how I did it :-)


Hey, check it out, we made it on the NZ News site (archive of Page and the photo) about the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl, with a similar picture to the one I've posted. There's also this cool photo:

And I took the reverse photo here:

Right, I'm off snowboarding till Mon, catch ya later.