Crazy and I are off to NZ!!! See all you Kiwi's soon!

Here are our plans, please check them out and email me when exactly you can meet up with us, if you can!


Everyone loves boobies and no-one wants to see anything bad happen to them! With that in mind, protect some boobies today by clicking here then clicking on the pink box...


As far as re-living past glories is concerned, Nic finally sent me some photos of our finals game of Netball where we narrowly won in a very hard out game:

I think that pics fantastic, because it shows us all (just, you have to look hard for Robyn's face) and you can see the other team with their heads hung low walking off to the left :-) Long live "The Netball Team"!


My new Snowboarding Video is now available (via Google)! Let me know what ya think. Web page will follow shortly...

I've been told that some people can't access the Google version of my video from some countries, here is a small version available for download. Try Google first though!



Well, I'm back from my snowboarding adventure in Austria. I have a freaken STACK of footage which means it will take a while to go through and create what I think will be my biggest video to date. So you'll have to hold on for my next big update by the looks of it. Here's just the tiniest, itsy-bitsy taste of some of it to tie you over... it hardly does much justice to the footage I've got, but enjoy all the same!