Oh MAN! I can't wait for the Waitangi Day Circle Line pub crawl this Sat. I've missed out the last two years because I've been out of the country, gonna make up for it this time round (already have a plan...)!!! I have very fond memories of my first one, which wasn't the time when Crazy split his head open by trying to dent all the escalator signs while sliding down head first on his back, unfortunately.

Probably start the day off with a big breakfast around Paddington at 10am or so, with a pint of course! Anyone keen to join me then? James is already up for it, otherwise I'll see ya around and about for the best day out of the year!


Well, I've had a cool weekend spent almost entirely in Putney with Crazy, Stef, Adele, Dennis and others. I've been spending so much time out there I've begun to call Stef and Adele my flatmates, I reckon they enjoy me sleeping there and eating their food as I pay them back with humorous anecdotes while I drink their alcohol...

Just been playing poker, managed to take 10 pounds of Stef, Adele and Crazy. Crazy crumbled first and left his beers behind for me to drink when he took off crying. Dennis was the other man up. Pretty funny that every hand I won against Dennis I was bluffing on, honest Dennis, you should call my bluff... would I lie to a guy who's nightly reading material is the Science of Poker?


Damn, Amsterdam that is. Spent the weekend there with James and Sarena. Had one of the most relaxing holidays I can remember. Involved a fair bit of wandering around watching building bend and flop about. Have two amusing stories, one involving James in the Van Gogh museum and one involving myself and a hole. Both to be told over beers only.

14/01/05 - Yes, 2 dear diary's today

Well, that's another week gone, another week of having to travel on the tube and putting up with all the delays and tube-jams for many. Thankfully I bike to work and only have to contend with horrible cold weather and blind drivers trying to run me over as a sport. I really do have a MUCH better deal which is why I choose biking.

Rather than laugh in the face of the rest of you, I'd thought I'd give you something to hum to yourself when you are stuck in a tube under a sticky wet armpit tonight (WARNING you may not want to crank the volume up too loud when you play this sitting next to your boss)... Thanks to Crazy J.


I went ice skating in Greenwich last night with my workmates:

I of course was far superior to everyone that ever was. Here's a shot of me racing to rescue a little girl about to fall and hurt herself:

Check out the phone-videos, for further impressive tricks... We finished the night off with cocktails, and Guinness, of course.


Oh dear god. From my news reporter in the field "Karin", Stuff headline "Man admits trying to have sex with goat". What the hell is this guy thinking?! What a sicko, doesn't he like sheep...


Well, I was full of good intentions of updating my web site the other day, but was too hung over and drank a bottle of bourbon and played XBox with Cullen for 8 hours instead, topped off with a game of poker with the boys (Poor James lost everything and then some) and a couple of house parties Fri and Sat night.

I'm really looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can finally relax.


Happy New Year!

Well, I'm back from holiday and had a sweet, although very knackering time (too much food and booze). Even as I type, the hardest man in the world has gone beddie byes on my couch:

I'll put a few pages of cool and amusing pics up over the next few days of Finland, Russia and Brussels.

Russiaski wasski reallyski coolski, especiallyski theski buildingsski theyski haveski inski Saintski Petersburgski. Makesski Londonski lookski likeski itski wasski knockedski upski byski aski blindski brickieski onski acidski inski comparisonski. Alsoski, ifski youski wantski toski writeski orski speakski Russianski, justski addski "ski" toski theski endski ofski everyski thingski.