After looking at the weather up the coast of Vietnam where we initially wanted to travel and finding out that it dropped to 20 degrees and rain, we decided to stick south and go check out Sihanoukville.

On the way we stopped to provide good wishes to the Gods of travel, or something like that. The Cambodians take it pretty seriously:

Obviously the God of travel is fairly well endowed:

There was a fantastic view where we stopped, however.

When we arrived at Sihanoukville, we found out that it was a bit of a hole. The hotel we stayed at was pretty good, security wasn't overly high though:

I took off to do some diving:

Safety first:

Crusing out on the boat, past a water village:

Out past some lonely looking island:

The dive boat:

We got to Kaoh Rung island where the dive centre had an outfit there:

Fishing boat going by:

My first dive was a refresher, worth it mainly for the island view we got where we covered the skills:

The only thing interesting on the sand though, was these squirty piles of sand:

Was like swimming in a bath:

The second dive I did was more interesting, here's a few snaps I took on it:

I really like this shot of a clam:

End of the dive:

When cruising back we picked up a few extra passengers:

And were treated to a spectacular sunset:

See if you can work out why I took this pic:

After being disappointed with the beach right at Sihanoukville, we heard of a great area called "Otres Beach" (a bumpy 20 min Tuk Tuk ride from Sihanoukville, but worth it) which was awesome in comparison, hardly any people hassling you on the beach and gorgeous golden sand:

Chillin out, drinking cocktails, swimming and reading geek magazines:

That's where we were sitting:

Aqua man, GO!

For some reason Bridget found it very geeky that I was learning how to count in binary on my fingers from a Wired article:

After a sufficient number of drinks, it was time for a few poses:

Enlisted a few other beach goers for this cool shot:

It's hard not to full up web pages just with sunset pics, but here's a few favouriates:

And finally, caught Bridget nicely as she leapt off the boat:

Otres Beach, the only thing really worth seeing around Sihanoukville.


By Tony Baker: email