Phu Quoc Island


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After finding out that the weather went from a sunny 30 degrees at south Vietnam, to a rainy 20 degrees north Vietnam, we decided to stay south.

After a look on google maps, we decided to go to Phu Quoc Island, which we didn't regret for a second!

We had to pass through the Cambodian boarder stop...

...through the ultra secure Vietnam boarder stop...

And after a boat ride to the Island, we were there!

The first evening we went for a wander along the beach to see what was at the end, needless to say, the contrast between the tourist area of the beach and the non-tourist part was rather stark:

Seafood was the order of the day while we were there, as were the "Coconut Holiday" drinks, a coconut (surprise surprise) hacked open and a shot of rum pored in. AWESOME!

One evening we decided to go Squid fishing. Bridget took command of the boat for a bit:

the harbour:

Heading out:

Passing the locals:

And doing a spot of fishing!

I found it rather stressful and energetic:

Damn it, I didn't have a tissue available before this shot...

YAY! I caught a squid!

Mmm, looks tasty!

Someone also caught a tiny blowfish:

Cooking up our catch!

Back to more relaxing on the beach outside our hotel:

Another evening, another dinner on the beach:

Next up, some diving pics!

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